Andrzej Garbacz
Andrzej Garbacz
profesor inżynierii materiałów budowlanych
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Investigation on concrete beams reinforced with basalt rebars as an effective alternative of conventional R/C structures
M Urbanski, A Lapko, A Garbacz
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Physical and mechanical properties of mortars with incorporation of phase change materials
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The relationship between texture and CSL boundaries distribution in polycrystalline materials—II. Analysis of the relationship between texture and coincidence grain boundary …
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On the evaluation of interface quality in concrete repair system by means of impact-echo signal analysis
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Polymer composites for repairing of portland cement concrete: compatibility project
L Czarnecki, A Garbacz, P Lukowski, JR Clifton
Effects of limestone fillers on surface free energy and electrical conductivity of the interstitial solution of cement mixes
L Courard, F Michel, S Perkowicz, A Garbacz
Cement and Concrete Composites 45, 111-116, 2014
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