Dariusz Suszanowicz
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Cytowane przez
The impact of green roofs on the parameters of the environment in urban areas
D Suszanowicz, A Kolasa Więcek
Atmosphere 10 (12), 792, 2019
Air pollution in European countries and life expectancy—modelling with the use of neural network
A Kolasa-Więcek, D Suszanowicz
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The green roofs for reduction in the load on rainwater drainage in highly urbanised areas
A Kolasa-Więcek, D Suszanowicz
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Internal heat gain from different light sources in the building lighting systems
D Suszanowicz
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Fossil Fuel and Biofuel Boilers in Ukraine: Trends of Changes in Levelized Cost of Heat
V Stanytsina, V Artemchuk, O Bogoslavska, A Zaporozhets, ...
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Characteristic of Pseudomonas syringae pv. atrofaciens Isolated from Weeds of Wheat Field
L Butsenko, L Pasichnyk, Y Kolomiiets, A Kalinichenko, D Suszanowicz, ...
Applied Sciences 11 (1), 286, 2020
Spatial succession for degradation of solid multicomponent food waste and purification of toxic leachate with the obtaining of Biohydrogen and biomethane
O Tashyrev, V Hovorukha, O Havryliuk, I Sioma, G Gladka, ...
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Optimisation of heat loss through ventilation for residential buildings
D Suszanowicz
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The potential of roofs in city centers to be used for photovoltaic micro-installations
D Suszanowicz, P Ratuszny, R Wróbel
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Model research on the influence of green roofs on environmental parameters in urban agglomerations
D Suszanowicz
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The consequences of the inappropriate use of ventilation systems operating in indoor swimming pool conditions-analysis
I Pietkun-Greber, D Suszanowicz
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Optimization of ventilation system in the open office space
D Suszanowicz
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Optimization of carbon dioxide concentration in the didactic rooms by the regulation of ventilation
E Słodczyk, D Suszanowicz
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Energy efficiency improvement in hospital buildings, based on the example of a selected type of hospital facility in Poland
D Suszanowicz, P Ratuszny
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Ground-mounted photovoltaic and crop cultivation: A comparative analysis
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Modelling the interaction between air pollutant emissions and their key sources in Poland
A Kolasa-Więcek, D Suszanowicz, AA Pilarska, K Pilarski
Energies 14 (21), 6891, 2021
Optimisation of heat loss through ventilation for residential buildings''
D Suszanowicz
Recent Advances in Urban Ventilation Assessment and Flow Modelling 9, 148, 2019
Modelowanie strat energii z budynku inwentarskiego
D Suszanowicz
Problemy Inżynierii Rolniczej 20, 135-141, 2012
The effectiveness of various types of ventilation on air quality in multi-family buildings
D Suszanowicz, I Pietkun-Greber
Ecological Chemistry and Engineering. A 24 (1), 33-41, 2017
Wykorzystanie przesuszonego ziarna jako naturalnego sorbentu w procesach konserwacji i przechowalnictwa zbóż
K Ledwon, E Slodczyk, D Suszanowicz
Zeszyty Problemowe Postępów Nauk Rolniczych 454 (2), 1998
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