Monika Stachowiak
Monika Stachowiak
Poznań University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, Department of
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Cross-talk between singlet oxygen-and hydrogen peroxide-dependent signaling of stress responses in Arabidopsis thaliana
C Laloi, M Stachowiak, E Pers-Kamczyc, E Warzych, I Murgia, K Apel
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (2), 672-677, 2007
Genetics of fat tissue accumulation in pigs: a comparative approach
M Switonski, M Stachowiak, J Cieslak, M Bartz, M Grzes
Journal of Applied Genetics 51, 153-168, 2010
An effect of a missense mutation in the porcine melanocortin‐4 receptor (MC4R) gene on production traits in Polish pig breeds is doubtful
M Stachowiak, M Szydlowski, M Obarzanek‐Fojt, M Switonski
Animal Genetics 37 (1), 55-57, 2006
The ACACA and SREBF1 genes are promising markers for pig carcass and performance traits, but not for fatty acid content in the longissimus dorsi muscle and adipose tissue
M Stachowiak, J Nowacka-Woszuk, M Szydlowski, M Switonski
Meat science 95 (1), 64-71, 2013
No major effect of the leptin gene polymorphism on porcine production traits
M Szydlowski, M Stachowiak, M Mackowski, M Kamyczek, R Eckert, ...
Journal of Animal breeding and Genetics 121 (3), 149-155, 2004
Genetics of adiposity in large animal models for human obesity—studies on pigs and dogs
M Stachowiak, I Szczerbal, M Switonski
Progress in molecular biology and translational science 140, 233-270, 2016
Protein and folic acid content in the maternal diet determine lipid metabolism and response to high-fat feeding in rat progeny in an age-dependent manner
A Chmurzynska, M Stachowiak, J Gawecki, E Pruszynska-Oszmalek, ...
Genes & nutrition 7, 223-234, 2012
SNPs in the porcine PPARGC1a gene: interbreed differences and their phenotypic effects
M Stachowiak, M Szydlowski, J Cieslak, M Switonski
Cellular and Molecular Biology Letters 12 (2), 231-239, 2007
Polymorphism and chromosomal location of the MC4R (melanocortin-4 receptor) gene in the dog and red fox
A Skorczyk, M Stachowiak, I Szczerbal, J Klukowska-Roetzler, ...
Gene 392 (1-2), 247-252, 2007
Polymorphism of the porcine leptin gene promoter and analysis of its association with gene expression and fatness traits
M Stachowiak, M Mackowski, Z Madeja, M Szydlowski, A Buszka, ...
Biochemical Genetics 45, 245-253, 2007
Porcine familial adenomatous polyposis model enables systematic analysis of early events in adenoma progression
T Flisikowska, M Stachowiak, H Xu, A Wagner, A Hernandez-Caceres, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 6613, 2017
Polymorphism in 3′ untranslated region of the pig PPARA gene influences its transcript level and is associated with adipose tissue accumulation
M Stachowiak, M Szydlowski, K Flisikowski, T Flisikowska, M Bartz, ...
Journal of animal science 92 (6), 2363-2371, 2014
Cytogenetic mapping ofDGAT1, PPARA, ADIPOR1 andCREB genes in the pig
I Szczerbal, L Lin, M Stachowiak, A Chmurzynska, M Mackowski, A Winter, ...
Journal of Applied Genetics 48, 73-76, 2007
The first case of 38,XX (SRY-positive) disorder of sex development in a cat
I Szczerbal, M Stachowiak, S Dzimira, K Sliwa, M Switonski
Molecular Cytogenetics 8, 1-5, 2015
Association of a New SNP in Promoter Region of the Porcine FABP3 Gene with Fatness Traits in a Polish Synthetic Line
A Chmurzynska, M Szydlowski, M Stachowiak, M Stankiewicz, ...
Animal biotechnology 18 (1), 37-44, 2007
Sequence analysis of three canine adipokine genes revealed an association between TNF polymorphisms and obesity in Labrador dogs
M Mankowska, M Stachowiak, A Graczyk, P Ciazynska, M Gogulski, ...
Animal Genetics 47 (2), 245-249, 2016
Polymorphisms in 5′-flanking regions of genes encoding adiponectin, leptin, and resistin are not associated with obesity of Polish children and adolescents
J Cieslak, A Skorczyk, M Stachowiak, M Szydlowski, M Grzes, ...
Molecular biology reports 38, 1793-1798, 2011
Effect of three common SNPs in 5′-flanking region of LEP and ADIPOQ genes on their expression in Polish obese children and adolescents
J Cieslak, M Bartz, M Stachowiak, B Skowronska, KA Majewska, ...
Molecular biology reports 39, 3951-3955, 2012
Polymorphisms in the SOX9 region and testicular disorder of sex development (38, XX; SRY-negative) in pigs
M Stachowiak, I Szczerbal, J Nowacka-Woszuk, H Jackowiak, ...
Livestock Science 203, 48-53, 2017
Association between polymorphisms in the SOX9 region and canine disorder of sex development (78,XX; SRY-negative) revisited in a multibreed case-control study
J Nowacka-Woszuk, I Szczerbal, M Stachowiak, M Szydlowski, ...
PLoS One 14 (6), e0218565, 2019
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