Mladen ©olić
Mladen ©olić
Institute of Ocanography and Fisheries, Split, Croatia
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Separate and combined effects of solar radiation, temperature, salinity, and pH on the survival of faecal coliforms in seawater
M ©olić, N Krstulović
Marine Pollution Bulletin 24 (8), 411-416, 1992
Role of predation in controlling bacterial and heterotrophic nanoflagellate standing stocks in the coastal Adriatic Sea: seasonal patterns
M Solic, N Krstulovic
The rate of concentration of faecal coliforms in shellfish under different environmental conditions
M ©olić, N Krstulović, S Jozić, D Curać
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Temporal variability in abundance and biomass of ciliates and copepods in the eutrophicated part of Kaątela Bay (Middle Adriatic Sea)
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Changes in microbial food web structure in response to changed environmental trophic status: A case study of the Vranjic Basin (Adriatic Sea)
M ©olić, N Krstulović, G Kuąpilić, ®N Gladan, N Bojanić, S ©estanović, ...
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Variability in the bottom-up and top-down controls of bacteria on trophic and temporal scales in the middle Adriatic Sea
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Effect of solar radiation, temperature and salinity on the survival of two different strains of Escherichia coli
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Distribution of Synechococcus and Prochlorococcus in the central Adriatic Sea
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The role of ciliates within the microbial food web in the eutrophicated part of Kaątela Bay (middle Adriatic Sea)
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N Krstulovic, T Pucher-Petkovic, M Solic
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