Anish Acharya
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Cytowane przez
Extending the concept of analog Butterworth filter for fractional order systems
A Acharya, S Das, I Pan, S Das
(Elsevier) Signal processing 94, 409-420, 2014
Faster non-convex federated learning via global and local momentum
R Das, A Acharya, A Hashemi, S Sanghavi, IS Dhillon, U Topcu
(UAI) Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, 2022, 496-506, 2022
Online embedding compression for text classification using low rank matrix factorization
A Acharya, R Goel, A Metallinou, I Dhillon
(AAAI) Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence 33 (01 …, 2019
On the Benefits of Multiple Gossip Steps in Communication-Constrained Decentralized Federated Learning
A Hashemi, A Acharya, R Das, H Vikalo, S Sanghavi, IS Dhillon
(IEEE TPDS) IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2021
Simulation studies on the design of optimum PID controllers to suppress chaotic oscillations in a family of Lorenz-like multi-wing attractors
S Das, A Acharya, I Pan
(Elsevier) Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 100, 72-87, 2014
Robust training in high dimensions via block coordinate geometric median descent
A Acharya, A Hashemi, P Jain, S Sanghavi, IS Dhillon, U Topcu
(AISTATS) International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics …, 2022
Neural distributed source coding
J Whang, A Nagle, A Acharya, H Kim, AG Dimakis
arXiv preprint arXiv:2106.02797, 2021
GupShup: Summarizing open-domain code-switched conversations
L Mehnaz, D Mahata, R Gosangi, US Gunturi, R Jain, G Gupta, A Kumar, ...
(EMNLP) Proceedings of the 2021 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural …, 2021
Alexa Conversations: An Extensible Data-driven Approach for Building Task-oriented Dialogue Systems
A Acharya, S Adhikari, S Agarwal, V Auvray, N Belgamwar, A Biswas, ...
(NAACL) North American Chapter of the Association for Computational …, 2021
Optimized quality factor of fractional order analog filters with band-pass and band-stop characteristics
A Pakhira, S Das, A Acharya, I Pan, S Saha
IEEE International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking …, 2012
Positive unlabeled contrastive learning
A Acharya, S Sanghavi, L Jing, B Bhushanam, D Choudhary, M Rabbat, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2206.01206, 2022
Identification of Nonlinear Systems From the Knowledge Around Different Operating Conditions: A Feed-Forward Multi-Layer ANN Based Approach
S Saha, S Das, A Acharya, A Kumar, S Mukherjee, I Pan, A Gupta
IEEE International Conference on Parallel Distributed and Grid Computing …, 2012
Least square and instrumental variable system identification of AC servo position control system with fractional Gaussian noise
S Das, A Kumar, I Pan, A Acharya, S Das, A Gupta
IEEE International Conference on Energy, Automation and Signal, 1-6, 2011
LDKP: A Dataset for Identifying Keyphrases from Long Scientific Documents
D Mahata, N Agarwal, D Gautam, A Kumar, S Parekh, YK Singla, ...
(CIKM) ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management - DL4SR’22 …, 2022
Natural language processing
A Acharya, A Metallinou, R Goel, I Dhillon
US Patent 10,872,601, 2020
Are We Ready for Driver-less Vehicles? Security vs. Privacy-A Social Perspective
A Acharya
UC Irvine Class Project, 2014
On image segmentation using fractional gradients-learning model parameters using approximate marginal inference
A Acharya, U Mukherjee, C Fowlkes
UC Irvine Project Report, 2016
Template matching based object detection using HOG feature pyramid
A Acharya
UC Irvine Project Report, 2014
A Complete Review of Controlling the FDR in a Multiple Comparison Problem Framework--The Benjamini-Hochberg Algorithm
A Acharya
UC Irvine Reading Assignment, 2014
Stability analysis of delayed system using Bode integral
A Acharya, D Mitra, K Halder
IEEE International Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics 2013 …, 2013
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