Haolei Weng
Haolei Weng
Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics and Probability, Michigan State University
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Does -minimization outperform -minimization?
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Computing the degrees of freedom of rank-regularized estimators and cousins
R Mazumder, H Weng
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Variable Selection in Latent Regression IRT Models via Knockoffs: An Application to International Large-scale Assessment in Education
Y Chen, M von Davier, H Weng, Z Xie
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Discussion of “Cocitation and Coauthorship Networks of Statisticians”
H Weng, Y Feng
Journal of Business & Economic Statistics 40 (2), 2022
Supplement to “Overcoming the limitations of phase transition by higher order analysis of regularization techniques.”
H Weng, A Maleki, L Zheng
DOI, 2018
A unified view of high-dimensional bridge regression
H Weng
Columbia University, 2017
Post-Selection Inference for the Cox Model with Interval-Censored Data
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Signal-to-noise ratio aware minimaxity and higher-order asymptotics
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On the estimation of correlation in a binary sequence model
H Weng, Y Feng
Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 207, 123-137, 2020
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