Peter Mueller
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Laser Spectroscopic Determination of the He-6 Nuclear Charge Radius
LB Wang, P Mueller, K Bailey, GWF Drake, JP Greene, D Henderson, ...
Physical Review Letters 93 (14), 142501, 2004
Nuclear Charge Radius of
P Mueller, IA Sulai, ACC Villari, JA Alcántara-Núñez, R Alves-Condé, ...
Physical review letters 99 (25), 252501, 2007
One million year old groundwater in the Sahara revealed by krypton‐81 and chlorine‐36
NC Sturchio, X Du, R Purtschert, BE Lehmann, M Sultan, LJ Patterson, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 31 (5), 2004
First Measurement of the Atomic Electric Dipole Moment of
RH Parker, MR Dietrich, MR Kalita, ND Lemke, KG Bailey, M Bishof, ...
Physical review letters 114 (23), 233002, 2015
An atom counter for measuring 81Kr and 85Kr in environmental samples
W Jiang, K Bailey, ZT Lu, P Mueller, TP O’Connor, CF Cheng, SM Hu, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 91, 1-6, 2012
Improved limit on the electric dipole moment
M Bishof, RH Parker, KG Bailey, JP Greene, RJ Holt, MR Kalita, W Korsch, ...
Physical Review C 94 (2), 025501, 2016
Colloquium: Laser probing of neutron-rich nuclei in light atoms
ZT Lu, P Mueller, GWF Drake, W Nörtershäuser, SC Pieper, ZC Yan
Reviews of Modern Physics 85 (4), 1383, 2013
A new method of measuring 81Kr and 85Kr abundances in environmental samples
X Du, R Purtschert, K Bailey, BE Lehmann, R Lorenzo, ZT Lu, P Mueller, ...
Geophysical research letters 30 (20), 2003
Properties and performance of a quadrupole mass filter used for resonance ionization mass spectrometry
K Blaum, C Geppert, P Müller, W Nörtershäuser, EW Otten, A Schmitt, ...
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 181 (1-3), 67-87, 1998
Isotope shifts and hyperfine structure in the transitions in calcium II
W Nörtershäuser, K Blaum, K Icker, P Müller, A Schmitt, K Wendt, B Wiche
The European Physical Journal D-Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma …, 1998
Radiometric 81Kr dating identifies 120,000-year-old ice at Taylor Glacier, Antarctica
C Buizert, D Baggenstos, W Jiang, R Purtschert, VV Petrenko, ZT Lu, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (19), 6876-6881, 2014
Recent developments in and applications of resonance ionization mass spectrometry
K Wendt, K Blaum, BA Bushaw, C Grüning, R Horn, G Huber, JV Kratz, ...
Fresenius' journal of analytical chemistry 364 (5), 471-477, 1999
Detection at the Isotopic Abundance Level with Atom Trap Trace Analysis
W Jiang, W Williams, K Bailey, AM Davis, SM Hu, ZT Lu, TP O’Connor, ...
Physical Review Letters 106 (10), 103001, 2011
Continental degassing of 4He by surficial discharge of deep groundwater
PK Aggarwal, T Matsumoto, NC Sturchio, HK Chang, D Gastmans, ...
Nature geoscience 8 (1), 35-39, 2015
41Ca ultratrace determination with isotopic selectivity> 1012 by diode-laser-based RIMS
P Müller, BA Bushaw, K Blaum, S Diel, C Geppert, A Nähler, N Trautmann, ...
Fresenius' journal of analytical chemistry 370 (5), 508-512, 2001
Charge radius and dipole response of
H Esbensen, K Hagino, P Mueller, H Sagawa
Physical Review C 76 (2), 024302, 2007
Precision measurement of the He half-life and the weak axial current in nuclei
A Knecht, R Hong, DW Zumwalt, BG Delbridge, A Garcia, P Müller, ...
Physical Review C 86 (3), 035506, 2012
An atom trap system for practical dating
X Du, K Bailey, ZT Lu, P Mueller, TP O’Connor, L Young
Review of Scientific Instruments 75 (10), 3224-3232, 2004
Rapid Trace Analysis of 89'90Sr in Environmental Samples by Collinear Laser Resonance Ionization Mass Spectrometry
K Wendt, GK Bhowmick, BA Bushaw, G Herrmann, JV Kratz, J Lantzsch, ...
Radiochimica Acta 79 (3), 183-190, 1997
Using 81Kr and noble gases to characterize and date groundwater and brines in the Baltic Artesian Basin on the one-million-year timescale
C Gerber, R Vaikmäe, W Aeschbach, A Babre, W Jiang, M Leuenberger, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 205, 187-210, 2017
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