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Serum neurofilament light is sensitive to active cerebral small vessel disease
T Gattringer, D Pinter, C Enzinger, T Seifert-Held, M Kneihsl, S Fandler, ...
Neurology 89 (20), 2108-2114, 2017
Higher education moderates the effect of T2 lesion load and third ventricle width on cognition in multiple sclerosis
D Pinter, J Sumowski, J DeLuca, F Fazekas, A Pichler, M Khalil, ...
PloS one 9 (1), e87567, 2014
Impact of small vessel disease in the brain on gait and balance
D Pinter, SJ Ritchie, F Doubal, T Gattringer, Z Morris, ME Bastin, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-8, 2017
Cerebral small vessel disease, cognitive reserve and cognitive dysfunction
D Pinter, C Enzinger, F Fazekas
Journal of neurology 262 (11), 2411-2419, 2015
Dynamics of brain iron levels in multiple sclerosis: a longitudinal 3T MRI study
M Khalil, C Langkammer, A Pichler, D Pinter, T Gattringer, G Bachmaier, ...
Neurology 84 (24), 2396-2402, 2015
Longitudinal fMRI studies: exploring brain plasticity and repair in MS
C Enzinger, D Pinter, MA Rocca, J De Luca, J Sastre-Garriga, B Audoin, ...
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 22 (3), 269-278, 2016
Predictive value of different conventional and non-conventional MRI-parameters for specific domains of cognitive function in multiple sclerosis
D Pinter, M Khalil, A Pichler, C Langkammer, S Ropele, PB Marschik, ...
NeuroImage: Clinical 7, 715-720, 2015
Reproducibility of resting state connectivity in patients with stable multiple sclerosis
D Pinter, C Beckmann, M Koini, E Pirker, N Filippini, A Pichler, S Fuchs, ...
PLoS One 11 (3), e0152158, 2016
Exploratory study on the effects of a robotic hand rehabilitation device on changes in grip strength and brain activity after stroke
D Pinter, S Pegritz, C Pargfrieder, G Reiter, W Wurm, T Gattringer, ...
Topics in stroke rehabilitation 20 (4), 308-316, 2013
Frequency and predictors of dysphagia in patients with recent small subcortical infarcts
S Fandler, T Gattringer, S Eppinger, K Doppelhofer, D Pinter, ...
Stroke 48 (1), 213-215, 2017
Longitudinal MRI dynamics of recent small subcortical infarcts and possible predictors
D Pinter, T Gattringer, C Enzinger, T Seifert-Held, M Kneihsl, S Fandler, ...
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 39 (9), 1669-1677, 2019
The impact of vascular risk factors on brain volume and lesion load in patients with early multiple sclerosis
A Pichler, M Khalil, C Langkammer, D Pinter, S Ropele, S Fuchs, ...
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 25 (1), 48-54, 2019
Predictors of gait speed and its change over three years in community-dwelling older people
D Pinter, SJ Ritchie, T Gattringer, ME Bastin, MDCV Hernández, J Corley, ...
Aging (Albany NY) 10 (1), 144, 2018
An exploratory intervention study suggests clinical benefits of training in chronic stroke to be paralleled by changes in brain activity using repeated fMRI
B Landsmann, D Pinter, E Pirker, G Pichler, W Schippinger, EM Weiss, ...
Clinical interventions in aging 11, 97, 2016
Combined analysis of global and compartmental brain volume changes in early multiple sclerosis in clinical practice
A Pichler, M Khalil, C Langkammer, D Pinter, G Bachmaier, S Ropele, ...
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 22 (3), 340-346, 2016
Morphological MRI characteristics of recent small subcortical infarcts
T Gattringer, S Eppinger, D Pinter, L Pirpamer, A Berghold, G Wünsch, ...
International Journal of Stroke 10 (7), 1037-1043, 2015
No evidence for increased brain iron deposition in patients with ischemic white matter disease
T Gattringer, M Khalil, C Langkammer, M Jehna, A Pichler, D Pinter, ...
Neurobiology of aging 45, 61-63, 2016
Prevalence and short‐term changes of cognitive dysfunction in young ischaemic stroke patients
D Pinter, C Enzinger, T Gattringer, S Eppinger, K Niederkorn, S Horner, ...
European journal of neurology 26 (5), 727-732, 2019
Self-regulation of brain activity and its effect on cognitive function in patients with multiple sclerosis–First insights from an interventional study using neurofeedback
SE Kober, D Pinter, C Enzinger, A Damulina, H Duckstein, S Fuchs, ...
Clinical Neurophysiology 130 (11), 2124-2131, 2019
Early progressive changes in white matter integrity are associated with stroke recovery
D Pinter, T Gattringer, S Fandler-Höfler, M Kneihsl, S Eppinger, ...
Translational stroke research 11 (6), 1264-1272, 2020
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