Stefano Paesani
Stefano Paesani
Associate Professor, Niels Bohr Institute
Zweryfikowany adres z nbi.ku.dk
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Multidimensional quantum entanglement with large-scale integrated optics
J Wang, S Paesani, Y Ding, R Santagati, P Skrzypczyk, A Salavrakos, ...
Science 360 (6386), 285-291, 2018
An optical neural chip for implementing complex-valued neural network
H Zhang, M Gu, XD Jiang, J Thompson, H Cai, S Paesani, R Santagati, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 457, 2021
Chip-to-chip quantum teleportation and multi-photon entanglement in silicon
D Llewellyn, Y Ding, II Faruque, S Paesani, D Bacco, R Santagati, ...
Nature Physics 16, 148–153, 2020
Experimental quantum Hamiltonian learning
J Wang, S Paesani, R Santagati, S Knauer, AA Gentile, N Wiebe, ...
Nature Physics 13 (6), 551-555, 2017
Witnessing eigenstates for quantum simulation of Hamiltonian spectra
R Santagati, J Wang, AA Gentile, S Paesani, N Wiebe, JR McClean, ...
Science advances 4 (1), eaap9646, 2018
Experimental Bayesian quantum phase estimation on a silicon photonic chip
S Paesani, AA Gentile, R Santagati, J Wang, N Wiebe, DP Tew, ...
Physical review letters 118 (10), 100503, 2017
Generation and sampling of quantum states of light in a silicon chip
S Paesani, Y Ding, R Santagati, L Chakhmakhchyan, C Vigliar, K Rottwitt, ...
Nature Physics 15 (9), 925-929, 2019
Near-ideal spontaneous photon sources in silicon quantum photonics
S Paesani, M Borghi, S Signorini, A Maïnos, L Pavesi, A Laing
Nature communications 11 (1), 2505, 2020
60 dB high-extinction auto-configured Mach–Zehnder interferometer
CM Wilkes, X Qiang, J Wang, R Santagati, S Paesani, X Zhou, DAB Miller, ...
Optics letters 41 (22), 5318-5321, 2016
Path-polarization hyperentangled and cluster states of photons on a chip
MA Ciampini, A Orieux, S Paesani, F Sciarrino, G Corrielli, A Crespi, ...
Light: Science & Applications 5 (4), e16064-e16064, 2016
Error-protected qubits in a silicon photonic chip
C Vigliar, S Paesani, Y Ding, JC Adcock, J Wang, S Morley-Short, ...
Nature Physics 17 (10), 1137-1143, 2021
Very-large-scale integrated quantum graph photonics
J Bao, Z Fu, T Pramanik, J Mao, Y Chi, Y Cao, C Zhai, Y Mao, T Dai, ...
Nature Photonics 17, 573–581, 2023
Magnetic-field learning using a single electronic spin in diamond with one-photon readout at room temperature
R Santagati, AA Gentile, S Knauer, S Schmitt, S Paesani, C Granade, ...
Physical Review X 9 (2), 021019, 2019
Learning models of quantum systems from experiments
AA Gentile, B Flynn, S Knauer, N Wiebe, S Paesani, CE Granade, ...
Nature Physics 17 (7), 837-843, 2021
Scheme for universal high-dimensional quantum computation with linear optics
S Paesani, JFF Bulmer, AE Jones, R Santagati, A Laing
Physical Review Letters 126 (23), 230504, 2021
High-speed thin-film lithium niobate quantum processor driven by a solid-state quantum emitter
PI Sund, E Lomonte, S Paesani, Y Wang, J Carolan, N Bart, AD Wieck, ...
Science Advances 9 (19), eadg7268, 2023
High-threshold quantum computing by fusing one-dimensional cluster states
S Paesani, BJ Brown
Physical Review Letters 131 (12), 120603, 2023
Optimizing graph codes for measurement-based loss tolerance
TJ Bell, LA Pettersson, S Paesani
PRX Quantum 4 (2), 020328, 2023
Resource-efficient high-dimensional subspace teleportation with a quantum autoencoder
H Zhang, L Wan, T Haug, WK Mok, S Paesani, Y Shi, H Cai, LK Chin, ...
Science advances 8 (40), eabn9783, 2022
A proposal for practical multidimensional quantum networks
D Bacco, JFF Bulmer, M Erhard, M Huber, S Paesani
Physical Review A 104 (5), 052618, 2021
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