Marcelo Leite Lyra
Marcelo Leite Lyra
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Nonextensivity and multifractality in low-dimensional dissipative systems
ML Lyra, C Tsallis
Physical review letters 80 (1), 53, 1998
Delocalization in the 1D Anderson model with long-range correlated disorder
FA De Moura, ML Lyra
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GM Viswanathan, F Bartumeus, SV Buldyrev, J Catalan, UL Fulco, ...
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Periodic solutions and chaos in a non-linear model for the delayed cellular immune response
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EL Albuquerque, UL Fulco, VN Freire, EWS Caetano, ML Lyra, ...
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MSS Pereira, F De Moura, ML Lyra
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ML Lyra, AS Gouveia-Neto
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Localization properties of a one-dimensional tight-binding model with nonrandom long-range intersite interactions
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Generalized Zipf's law in proportional voting processes
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F de Moura, MD Coutinho-Filho, EP Raposo, ML Lyra
Physical Review B 66 (1), 014418, 2002
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