Gabriel Lemarié
Gabriel Lemarié
MajuLab and CQT, CNRS-NUS, Singapore
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Experimental observation of the Anderson transition with atomic matter waves
J Chabé, G Lemarié, B Grémaud, D Delande, P Szriftgiser, JC Garreau
Physical review letters 101 (25), 255702, 2008
Observation of the Anderson metal-insulator transition with atomic matter waves: Theory and experiment
G Lemarié, J Chabé, P Szriftgiser, JC Garreau, B Grémaud, D Delande
Physical Review A 80 (4), 043626, 2009
Critical state of the Anderson transition: between a metal and an insulator
G Lemarié, H Lignier, D Delande, P Szriftgiser, JC Garreau
Physical review letters 105 (9), 090601, 2010
Scaling theory of the Anderson transition in random graphs: Ergodicity and universality
I Garcia-Mata, O Giraud, B Georgeot, J Martin, R Dubertrand, G Lemarié
Physical review letters 118 (16), 166801, 2017
Universal scaling of the order-parameter distribution in strongly disordered superconductors
G Lemarié, A Kamlapure, D Bucheli, L Benfatto, J Lorenzana, G Seibold, ...
Physical Review B 87 (18), 184509, 2013
Chain breaking and kosterlitz-thouless scaling at the many-body localization transition in the random-field heisenberg spin chain
N Laflorencie, G Lemarié, N Macé
Physical Review Research 2 (4), 042033, 2020
Two critical localization lengths in the Anderson transition on random graphs
I García-Mata, J Martin, R Dubertrand, O Giraud, B Georgeot, G Lemarié
Physical Review Research 2 (1), 012020, 2020
Universality of the Anderson transition with the quasiperiodic kicked rotor
G Lemarié, B Grémaud, D Delande
Europhysics Letters 87 (3), 37007, 2009
Controlling symmetry and localization with an artificial gauge field in a disordered quantum system
C Hainaut, I Manai, JF Clément, JC Garreau, P Szriftgiser, G Lemarié, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1382, 2018
Critical properties of the superfluid—bose-glass transition in two dimensions
JP Álvarez Zúñiga, DJ Luitz, G Lemarié, N Laflorencie
Physical Review Letters 114 (15), 155301, 2015
Phase diagram of the anisotropic Anderson transition with the atomic kicked rotor: theory and experiment
M Lopez, JF Clément, G Lemarié, D Delande, P Szriftgiser, JC Garreau
New Journal of Physics 15 (6), 065013, 2013
Weak-versus strong-disorder superfluid—Bose glass transition in one dimension
EVH Doggen, G Lemarié, S Capponi, N Laflorencie
Physical Review B 96 (18), 180202, 2017
Chaos-assisted tunneling resonances in a synthetic Floquet superlattice
M Arnal, G Chatelain, M Martinez, N Dupont, O Giraud, D Ullmo, ...
Science advances 6 (38), eabc4886, 2020
Critical properties of the Anderson transition on random graphs: Two-parameter scaling theory, Kosterlitz-Thouless type flow, and many-body localization
I García-Mata, J Martin, O Giraud, B Georgeot, R Dubertrand, G Lemarié
Physical Review B 106 (21), 214202, 2022
Two scenarios for quantum multifractality breakdown
R Dubertrand, I García-Mata, B Georgeot, O Giraud, G Lemarié, J Martin
Physical Review Letters 112 (23), 234101, 2014
Return to the origin as a probe of atomic phase coherence
C Hainaut, I Manai, R Chicireanu, JF Clément, S Zemmouri, JC Garreau, ...
Physical Review Letters 118 (18), 184101, 2017
Thermal enhancement of interference effects in quantum point contacts
A Abbout, G Lemarié, JL Pichard
Physical Review Letters 106 (15), 156810, 2011
Glassy properties of anderson localization: Pinning, avalanches, and chaos
G Lemarié
Physical review letters 122 (3), 030401, 2019
Topological order in random interacting Ising-Majorana chains stabilized by many-body localization
N Laflorencie, G Lemarié, N Macé
Physical Review Research 4 (3), L032016, 2022
Chaos-assisted long-range tunneling for quantum simulation
M Martinez, O Giraud, D Ullmo, J Billy, D Guéry-Odelin, B Georgeot, ...
Physical Review Letters 126 (17), 174102, 2021
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