Evaldas Stankevicius
Evaldas Stankevicius
Center for Physical Sciences and Technology
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Cytowane przez
Laser Processing by Using Diffractive Optical Laser Beam Shaping Technique.
G Račiukaitis, E Stankevičius, P Gečys, M Gedvilas, C Bischoff, E Jäger, ...
Journal of laser micro/nanoengineering 6 (1), 2011
Fabrication of micro-tube arrays in photopolymer SZ2080 by using three different methods of a direct laser polymerization technique
E Stankevicius, T Gertus, M Rutkauskas, M Gedvilas, G Raciukaitis, ...
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 22 (6), 065022, 2012
Nanoscale thermal diffusion during the laser interference ablation using femto-, pico-, and nanosecond pulses in silicon
M Gedvilas, S Indrišiūnas, B Voisiat, E Stankevičius, A Selskis, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (17), 12166-12174, 2018
Bessel-like beam array formation by periodical arrangement of the polymeric round-tip microstructures
E Stankevičius, M Garliauskas, M Gedvilas, G Račiukaitis
Optics Express 23 (22), 28557-28566, 2015
Fabrication of periodic micro-structures by holographic lithography
E Stankevičius, M Gedvilas, B Voisiat, M Malinauskas, G Račiukaitis
Lithuanian Journal of Physics 53 (4), 2013
Engineering electrochemical sensors using nanosecond laser treatment of thin gold film on ITO glass
E Stankevičius, M Garliauskas, L Laurinavičius, R Trusovas, N Tarasenko, ...
Electrochimica Acta 297, 511-522, 2019
Direct Laser Writing for the Formation of Large-Scale Gold Microbumps Arrays Generating Hybrid Lattice Plasmon Polaritons in Vis–NIR Range
E Stankevičius, K Vilkevičius, M Gedvilas, E Bužavaitė-Vertelienė, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 9 (12), 2100027, 2021
3d alkyne–azide cycloaddition: spatiotemporally controlled by combination of aryl azide photochemistry and two-photon grafting
Z Li, E Stankevičius, A Ajami, G Račiukaitis, W Husinsky, A Ovsianikov, ...
Chemical communications 49 (69), 7635-7637, 2013
Fabrication of periodic micro-structures by multi-photon polymerization using the femtosecond laser and four-beam interference
E STANKEVIČIUS, M Malinauskas, M Gedvilas, B Voisiat, ...
Materials Science 17 (3), 244-248, 2011
Mechanism of pillars formation using four-beam interference lithography
E Stankevičius, E Daugnoraitė, G Račiukaitis
Optics and Lasers in Engineering 116, 41-46, 2019
Bessel-like beam array generation using round-tip microstructures and their use in the material treatment
E Stankevicius, M Garliauskas, G Raciukaitis
Journal of Laser Micro Nanoengineering 11 (3), 352, 2016
Photopolymerization differences by using nanosecond and picosecond laser pulses
E Stankevicius, E Daugnoraite, G Raciukaitis
Optics InfoBase Conference Papers 92, 2, 2018
Structuring of Surfaces with Gold Nanoparticles by Using Bessel‐Like Beams
E Stankevičius, M Garliauskas, M Gedvilas, N Tarasenko, G Račiukaitis
Annalen der Physik 529 (12), 1700174, 2017
Fabrication of scaffolds and micro-lenses array in a negative photopolymer SZ2080 by multi-photon polymerization and four-femtosecond-beam interference
E Stankevičius, M Malinauskas, G Račiukaitis
Physics Procedia 12, 82-88, 2011
Concentric microring structures containing gold nanoparticles for SERS-based applications
E Stankevičius, E Daugnoraitė, I Ignatjev, Z Kuodis, G Niaura, ...
Applied Surface Science 497, 143752, 2019
Laser intensity-based geometry control of periodic submicron polymer structures fabricated by laser interference lithography
M Garliauskas, E Stankevičius, G Račiukaitis
Optical Materials Express 7 (1), 179-184, 2017
Investigation of laser-induced polymerization using a smoothly varying intensity distribution
E Stankevicius, M Gedvilas, G Raciukaitis
Applied Physics B 119, 525-532, 2015
Holographic lithography for biomedical applications
E Stankevicius, E Balciunas, M Malinauskas, G Raciukaitis, D Baltriukiene, ...
Laser Sources and Applications 8433, 273-279, 2012
3D photografting with aromatic azides: A comparison between three-photon and two-photon case
Z Li, A Ajami, E Stankevičius, W Husinsky, G Račiukaitis, J Stampfl, ...
Optical Materials 35 (10), 1846-1851, 2013
Gold nanoparticles generated using the nanosecond laser treatment of multilayer films and their use for SERS applications
E Stankevičius, I Ignatjev, V Petrikaitė, A Selskis, G Niaura
ACS omega 6 (49), 33889-33898, 2021
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