Anna Jankowska
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Translating Audio Description Scripts. Translation as a New Strategy of Creating Audio Description
A Jankowska
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Text-to-speech audio description of voiced-over films. A case study of audio described Volver in Polish.
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Translating Humor in Dubbing and Subtitling
A Jankowska
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Audiodeskrypcja–wzniosły cel w tłumaczeniu
A Jankowska
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Tłumaczenie jako alternatywna metoda tworzenia audiodeskrypcji
A Jankowska
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Taking a British idea to Poland: Audio introductions for voiced-over films
A Jankowska
Article presented at the 4th Advanced Research Seminar on Audio Description …, 2013
Eye tracking in Poland
A Szarkowska, I Krejtz, Z Kłyszejko, A Wieczorek
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Kompetencje tłumacza audiowizualnego
A Jankowska
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How Co-Speech Gestures are Rendered in Audio Description: A Case Study
A Jankowska, M Zabrocka
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Reading rate in filmic audio description
A Jankowska, B Ziółko, M Igras-Cybulska, A Psiuk
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Blended Learning in Audio Description Training
A Jankowska
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Audio subtitling multilingual films in Poland: Early developments, current practices and future challenges
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Audio Description for Voicedover Films: the Case Study of Big Fish
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Między Oryginałem a Przekładem 23, 2014
Być czy nie być tłumaczem audiowizualnym w Polsce?
A Jankowska
Między Oryginałem a Przekładem 23, 2014
Smartphone app as a museum guide : testing the Open Art application with blind, deaf, and sighted users
A Jankowska, A Szarkowska, K Krajtz, J Kowalski, M Wichrowski
Rivista Internazionale Di Tecnica Della Traduzione/International Journal of …, 2017
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