Marcin Chlebus
Marcin Chlebus
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Cytowane przez
Factors affecting the course and severity of adult acne. Observational cohort study
E Chlebus, M Chlebus
Journal of Dermatological Treatment 28 (8), 737-744, 2017
Prevalence of diabetes in Poland in the years 2010–2014
M Walicka, M Chlebus, M Brzozowska, A Śliwczyński, T Jędrzejczyk, ...
Clinical Diabetology 4 (6), 232-237, 2015
Old-fashioned parametric models are still the best: a comparison of value-at-risk approaches in several volatility states
MC M Buczyński
Journal of Risk Model Validation 14 (2), 1-20, 2020
Enabling machine learning algorithms for credit scoring--explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) methods for clear understanding complex predictive models
P Biecek, M Chlebus, J Gajda, A Gosiewska, A Kozak, D Ogonowski, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2104.06735, 2021
Mesenchymal stem cells from human amniotic membrane and umbilical cord can diminish immunological response in an in vitro allograft model
FA Dabrowski, A Burdzinska, A Kulesza, M Chlebus, B Kaleta, ...
Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation 82 (3), 267-275, 2017
Predictors of in-hospital mortality in surgical wards: a multivariable retrospective cohort analysis of 2,800,069 hospitalizations
M Walicka, A Tuszyńska, M Chlebus, Y Sanchak, A Śliwczyński, ...
World Journal of Surgery 45, 480-487, 2021
Ews-garch: New regime switching approach to forecast value-at-risk
M Chlebus
Central European Economic Journal 3 (50), 1-25, 2017
Machine learning in the prediction of flat horse racing results in Poland
P Borowski, M Chlebus
University of Warsaw, Faculty of Economic Sciences, 2021
Comparison of Block Maxima and Peaks Over Threshold Value-at-Risk models for market risk in various economic conditions
F Szubzda, M Chlebus
Central European Economic Journal 6 (53), 70-85, 2020
Towards better understanding of complex machine learning models using explainable artificial intelligence (XAI): Case of credit scoring modelling
M Kłosok, M Chlebus
University of Warsaw, Faculty of Economic Sciences, 2020
Is maintenance treatment in adult acne important? Benefits from maintenance therapy with adapalene, and low doses of alpha and beta hydroxy acids
E Chlebus, M Serafin, M Chlebus
Journal of Dermatological Treatment, 2019
Relationship between age and in-hospital mortality during 15,345,025 non-surgical hospitalizations
M Walicka, M Puzianowska-Kuznicka, M Chlebus, A Śliwczyński, ...
Archives of Medical Science: AMS 17 (1), 40, 2021
Expression of matrix metalloproteinase enzymes in endometrium of women with abnormal uterine bleeding
B Grzechocinska, FA Dabrowski, M Chlebus, A Gondek, K Czarzasta, ...
Neuroendocrinol Lett 38 (8), 537-543, 2017
Multiclass image classification using gans and cnn based on holes drilled in laminated chipboard
G Wieczorek, M Chlebus, J Gajda, K Chyrowicz, K Kontna, M Korycki, ...
Sensors 21 (23), 8077, 2021
Nvidia's Stock Returns Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques for Time Series Forecasting Problem
M Chlebus, M Dyczko, M Woźniak
Central European Economic Journal 8 (55), 44-62, 2021
HRP performance comparison in portfolio optimization under various codependence and distance metrics
I Barziy, M Chlebus
University of Warsaw, Faculty of Economic Sciences, 2020
Matrix metalloproteinases-2,-7 and tissue metalloproteinase inhibitor-1 expression in human endometrium
B Grzechocinska, FA Dabrowski, A Cyganek, M Chlebus, C Kobierzycki, ...
Folia Histochemica et Cytobiologica 56 (3), 133-140, 2018
Predictors of in-hospital mortality in nonsurgical departments: a multivariable regression analysis of 2 855 029 hospitalizations.
M Walicka, M Chlebus, A Śliwczyński, M Brzozowska, D Rutkowski, ...
Polish Archives of Internal Medicine 130 (4), 268-275, 2020
The importance of window size: a study on the required window size for optimal-quality market risk models
M Buczyński, M Chlebus
Journal of Risk Model Validation 16 (1), 2022
The Role of Adolescent Acne Treatment in Formation of Scars Among Patients With Persistent Adult Acne: Evidence From an Observational Study
E Chlebus, M Chlebus
Cutis 104, 57-61, 2019
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