Max Gulde
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Field-driven photoemission from nanostructures quenches the quiver motion
G Herink, DR Solli, M Gulde, C Ropers
Nature 483 (7388), 190-193, 2012
Tip-enhanced strong-field photoemission
R Bormann, M Gulde, A Weismann, SV Yalunin, C Ropers
Physical review letters 105 (14), 147601, 2010
Ultrafast low-energy electron diffraction in transmission resolves polymer/graphene superstructure dynamics
M Gulde, S Schweda, G Storeck, M Maiti, HK Yu, AM Wodtke, S Schäfer, ...
Science 345 (6193), 200-204, 2014
Strong-field photoemission from surfaces: Theoretical approaches
SV Yalunin, M Gulde, C Ropers
Physical Review B 84 (19), 195426, 2011
Coherent femtosecond low-energy single-electron pulses for time-resolved diffraction and imaging: A numerical study
A Paarmann, M Gulde, M Müller, S Schäfer, S Schweda, M Maiti, C Xu, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 112 (11), 2012
Experimental impact cratering: A summary of the major results of the MEMIN research unit
T Kenkmann, A Deutsch, K Thoma, M Ebert, MH Poelchau, E Buhl, ...
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 53 (8), 1543-1568, 2018
Investigations on the spall and delamination behavior of UHMWPE composites
T Lässig, F Bagusat, S Pfändler, M Gulde, D Heunoske, J Osterholz, ...
Composite Structures 182, 590-597, 2017
Dynamics and structure of monolayer polymer crystallites on graphene
M Gulde, AN Rissanou, V Harmandaris, M Müller, S Schäfer, C Ropers
Nano Letters 16 (11), 6994-7000, 2016
Optical fragment tracking in hypervelocity impact experiments
E Watson, M Gulde, L Kortmann, M Higashide, F Schaefer, S Hiermaier
Acta Astronautica 155, 111-117, 2019
Robust optical tracking of individual ejecta particles in hypervelocity impact experiments
M Gulde, L Kortmann, M Ebert, E Watson, J Wilk, F Schäfer
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 53 (8), 1696-1704, 2018
Fragment tracking in hypervelocity impact experiments
E Watson, M Gulde, S Hiermaier
Procedia engineering 204, 170-177, 2017
Measuring ejecta characteristics and momentum transfer in experimental simulation of kinetic impact
M Schimmerohn, E Watson, M Gulde, L Kortmann, F Schäfer
Acta Astronautica 156, 297-300, 2019
Additive manufactured structures for the 12U nanosatellite ERNST
M Schimmerohn, M Bierdel, M Gulde, D Sholes, A Pfaff, M Pielok, ...
QWIP as solution for mobile VLWIR imaging systems
R Ivanov, D Evans, S Smuk, W Diel, D Rihtnesberg, L Höglund, M Gulde, ...
Infrared Technology and Applications XLVII 11741, 267-275, 2021
Managing high thermal loads in small satellites-analysis, design, and verification of a 3D-printed radiator
M Gulde, A Sido, M Pielok, K Hoschke, F Schäfer, M Schimmerohn
An MWIR payload with FPGA-based data processing for a 12U nanosatellite
C Horch, N Schnelle, M Gulde, E Watson, M Schimmerohn, F Schäfer
Small Satellites for Earth Observation 11, 339-342, 2017
Development of an ultrafast low-energy electron diffraction setup
M Gulde
Springer, 2015
Nanosat-based detection and tracking of launch vehicles
C Schweitzer, M Gulde, C Horch, N Scherer-Negenborn, K Stein, ...
Target and Background Signatures IV 10794, 174-182, 2018
Measuring impact craters on the ISS Columbus Module
R Putzar, M Gulde, D Sabath, H Fiedler, G Drolshagen, A Braukhane, ...
Fast and Flexible Space Debris Risk Assessment for Satellites
M Gulde, S Kempf, F Schäfer
The Journal of Space Safety Engineering 3 (3), 111-113, 2017
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