Kamil Ziarniak
Kamil Ziarniak
Laboratory of Neurobiology, Institute of Zoology, Poznan University of Life Sciences
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Effects of high-fat diet-induced obesity and diabetes on Kiss1 and GPR54 expression in the hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal (HPG) axis and peripheral organs (fat, pancreas and …
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Kisspeptin and metabolism: the brain and beyond
M Dudek, K Ziarniak, JH Sliwowska
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Mothers’ cafeteria diet induced sex-specific changes in fat content, metabolic profiles, and inflammation outcomes in rat offspring
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Effects of short-term exposure to high-fat diet on histology of male and female gonads in rats
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Effect of fasting on the spexin system in broiler chickens
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Effects of orchidectomy and testosterone replacement on numbers of kisspeptin‐, neurokinin B‐, and dynorphin A‐immunoreactive neurones in the arcuate nucleus of the …
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Animal Foetal models of obesity and diabetes–from laboratory to clinical settings
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Diabetes type 2 and kisspeptin: central and peripheral sex-specific actions
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Dangerous liaisons for pubertal maturation: the impact of alcohol consumption and obesity on the timing of puberty
JH Sliwowska, K Ziarniak, M Dudek, J Matuszewska, M Tena-Sempere
Biology of Reproduction 100 (1), 25-40, 2019
High‐fat diet and type 2 diabetes induced disruption of the oestrous cycle and alteration of hormonal profiles, but did not affect subpopulations of KNDy neurones in female rats
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The paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus–the concertmaster of autonomic control. Focus on blood pressure regulation
E Grzęda, K Ziarniak, JH Sliwowska
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Animal foetal models of obesity and diabetes-from laboratory to clinical settings
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Genetic background of the polish primitive horse (Konik) coat color variation—new insight into dun dilution phenotypic effect
J Cieslak, SA Brooks, L Wodas, W Mantaj, A Borowska, JH Sliwowska, ...
Journal of Heredity 112 (5), 436-442, 2021
Expression of type one cannabinoid receptor in different subpopulation of kisspeptin neurons and kisspeptin afferents to GnRH neurons in female mice
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Effects of ovariectomy and sex hormone replacement on numbers of kisspeptin-, neurokinin B-and dynorphin A-immunoreactive neurons in the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus in …
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Kisspeptyna-peptyd o wielu obliczach
K Ziarniak, M Dudek, J Śliwowska
Kosmos 65 (2), 217-225, 2016
Two weeks of moderate intensity locomotor training increased corticosterone concentrations but did not alter the number of adropin-immunoreactive cells in the hippocampus of …
K Ziarniak, M Dudek, J Matuszewska, Ł Bijoch, M Skrzypski, ...
Acta Histochemica 123 (5), 151751, 2021
DNA hypermethylation of Kiss1r promoter and reduction of hepatic Kiss1r in female rats with type 2 diabetes
K Ziarniak, T Yang, C Boycott, M Beetch, M Sassek, E Grzeda, Y Ma, ...
Epigenetics 17 (13), 2332-2346, 2022
Influence of obesity and type 2 diabetes on the number of kisspeptin-, neurokinin B-and dynorphin A-immunoreactive neurons in the arcuate nucleus of female rats
K Ziarniak, P Kolodziejski, E Pruszynska-Oszmalek, J Matuszewska, ...
Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis 77 (Suppl. 1), 2017
High-fat and high-sugar diet does not impair lung function parameters assessed by double chamber plethysmography in juvenile male Brown Norway rats
K Ziarniak, W Langwiński, PA Kołodziejski, E Pruszyńska-Oszmałek, ...
European Respiratory Journal 62 (suppl 67), 2023
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