Jaroslaw Piskorski
Jaroslaw Piskorski
University of Zielona Góra
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Cytowane przez
Geometry of the Poincaré plot of RR intervals and its asymmetry in healthy adults
J Piskorski, P Guzik
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J Piskorski, P Guzik
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Tpeak‐Tend Interval in 12‐Lead Electrocardiogram of Healthy Children and Adolescents Tpeak‐Tend Interval in Childhood
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Prognosis after acute coronary syndrome in relation with ventricular–arterial coupling and left ventricular strain
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Classic electrocardiogram-based and mobile technology derived approaches to heart rate variability are not equivalent
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Effects of emotions on heart rate asymmetry
LD Kaczmarek, M Behnke, J Enko, M Kosakowski, BM Hughes, ...
Psychophysiology 56 (4), e13318, 2019
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