Krzysztof Bielec
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Dense layer of bacteriophages ordered in alternating electric field and immobilized by surface chemical modification as sensing element for bacteria detection
Ł Richter, K Bielec, A Leśniewski, M Łoś, J Paczesny, R Hołyst
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9 (23), 19622-19629, 2017
Application of bacteriophages in nanotechnology
J Paczesny, K Bielec
Nanomaterials 10 (10), 1944, 2020
Kinetics and equilibrium constants of oligonucleotides at low concentrations. Hybridization and melting study
K Bielec, K Sozanski, M Seynen, Z Dziekan, PR Ten Wolde, R Holyst
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (20), 10798-10807, 2019
Quantifying nanoscale viscosity and structures of living cells nucleus from mobility measurements
G Bubak, K Kwapiszewska, T Kalwarczyk, K Bielec, T Andryszewski, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 12 (1), 294-301, 2020
Analysis of brightness of a single fluorophore for quantitative characterization of biochemical reactions
K Bielec, G Bubak, T Kalwarczyk, R Holyst
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 124 (10), 1941-1948, 2020
Single-molecule brightness analysis for the determination of anticancer drug interactions with DNA
Y Zhou, K Bielec, P Pasitsuparoad, R Hołyst
Analyst 145 (20), 6600-6606, 2020
Ion complexation explains orders of magnitude changes in the equilibrium constant of biochemical reactions in buffers crowded by nonionic compounds
K Bielec, A Kowalski, G Bubak, E Witkowska Nery, R Hołyst
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 13 (1), 112-117, 2021
Effective screening of Coulomb repulsions in water accelerates reactions of like-charged compounds by orders of magnitude
A Kowalski, K Bielec, G Bubak, PJ Żuk, M Czajkowski, V Sashuk, ...
nature communications 13 (1), 6451, 2022
Two Intercalation Mechanisms of Oxazole Yellow Dimer (YOYO-1) into DNA
K Kucharska, M Pilz, K Bielec, T Kalwarczyk, P Kuźma, R Hołyst
Molecules 26 (12), 3748, 2021
Formation of chemical complexes at subnanomolar concentration scale
K Bielec
Instytut Chemii Fizycznej Polskiej Akademii Nauk, 2021
Influence of molecular rebinding on the reaction rate of complex formation
T Kalwarczyk, K Bielec, K Burdzy, R Holyst
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 23 (35), 19343-19351, 2021
Supporting Information for: Analysis of Brightness of a Single Fluorophore for Quantitative Characterization of Biochemical Reactions
K Bielec, G Bubak, T Kalwarczyk, R Holyst
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