Oleksandr Sokolov
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Semantic network of knowledge in science of law
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Алгебраическое моделирование лингвистических динамических систем
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Modeling of scientific publications disciplinary collocation based on optimistic fuzzy aggregation norms
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Модель направленного обучения на основе онтологического подхода
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Построение, идентификация и анализ устойчивости линейных лингвистических систем управления
АЮ Соколов
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Diagnostic Model and Information Technology of Classification States in the Differential Diagnosis NSCLC (Nonsmall Cell Lung Cancer) Patients With Different Methods of …
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The importance of the renewable energy sector in the opinion of rural and urban youth
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Automated detection of pitted cones and impact craters: Deep-learning approach for searching potential hydrothermal activity and related ore deposits on mars
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Positioning a mobile robot in a closed area with a map of markers
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Rankings of students based on experts’ assessment and levels of the likelihood of learning outcome acquirement
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Rankings of Students Based on Experts' Assessment of Levels of Verification of Learning Outcomes by Test Items.
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Forecasting of Patients Condition in the Monitoring Medical Systems on the Example of Prostate Diseases
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Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz, Poland, 2016
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