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Tobacco smoke induces and alters immune responses in the lung triggering inflammation, allergy, asthma and other lung diseases: a mechanistic review
A Strzelak, A Ratajczak, A Adamiec, W Feleszko
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Postbiotics—a step beyond pre-and probiotics
J Żółkiewicz, A Marzec, M Ruszczyński, W Feleszko
Nutrients 12 (8), 2189, 2020
Probiotic‐induced suppression of allergic sensitization and airway inflammation is associated with an increase of T regulatory‐dependent mechanisms in a murine model of asthma
W Feleszko, J Jaworska, RD Rha, S Steinhausen, A Avagyan, A Jaudszus, ...
Clinical & Experimental Allergy 37 (4), 498-505, 2007
Immunology of COVID‐19: mechanisms, clinical outcome, diagnostics, and perspectives—a report of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI)
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W Feleszko, I Młynarczuk, EZ Bałkowiec-Iskra, A Czajka, T Switaj, ...
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Flattening the curve of COVID-19 vaccine rejection—an international overview
W Feleszko, P Lewulis, A Czarnecki, P Waszkiewicz
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Role of viruses in asthma
T Jartti, K Bønnelykke, V Elenius, W Feleszko
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Immunoregulatory and immunostimulatory responses of bacterial lysates in respiratory infections and asthma
SC Kearney, M Dziekiewicz, W Feleszko
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Bronchiolitis needs a revisit: distinguishing between virus entities and their treatments
T Jartti, HH Smits, K Bønnelykke, O Bircan, V Elenius, JR Konradsen, ...
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Nonspecific immunomodulators for recurrent respiratory tract infections, wheezing and asthma in children: a systematic review of mechanistic and clinical evidence
S Esposito, ME Soto-Martinez, W Feleszko, MH Jones, KL Shen, ...
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Lovastatin and tumor necrosis factor‐α exhibit potentiated antitumor effects against Ha‐ras‐transformed murine tumor Via inhibition of tumor‐induced angiogenesis
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Heat not burn tobacco product—a new global trend: impact of heat-not-burn tobacco products on public health, a systematic review
A Ratajczak, P Jankowski, P Strus, W Feleszko
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Lovastatin potentiates antitumor activity of doxorubicin in murine melanoma via an apoptosis‐dependent mechanism
W Feleszko, I Młynarczuk, D Olszewska, A Jalili, T Grzela, W Lasek, ...
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Considerations on biologicals for patients with allergic disease in times of the COVID‐19 pandemic: an EAACI statement
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Environmental tobacco smoke exposure and risk of allergic sensitisation in children: a systematic review and meta-analysis
W Feleszko, M Ruszczyński, J Jaworska, A Strzelak, BM Zalewski, ...
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Antitumor effects of the combination immunotherapy with interleukin-12 and tumor necrosis factor α in mice
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W Feleszko, A Zawadzka-Krajewska, K Matysiak, D Lewandowska, ...
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 117 (1), 97-102, 2006
Toll-like receptors—novel targets in allergic airway disease (probiotics, friends and relatives)
W Feleszko, J Jaworska, E Hamelmann
European journal of pharmacology 533 (1-3), 308-318, 2006
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