Anjani Kumar Jha
Anjani Kumar Jha
Principal Scientist, ICAR - DKMA, KAB-I, New Delhi
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Cytowane przez
Genotype by environment interaction effects on yield and curcumin in turmeric (Curcuma longa L.)
M Anandaraj, D Prasath, K Kandiannan, TJ Zachariah, V Srinivasan, ...
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Micronutrients (B, Zn, Mo) for improving crop production on acidic soils of northeast India
M Kumar, AK Jha, S Hazarika, BC Verma, BU Choudhury, T Ramesh, ...
National Academy Science Letters 39, 85-89, 2016
Diversity in leaf morphology and physiological characteristics among mango (Mangifera indica) cultivars popular in different agro-climatic regions of India
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Comparative study on newly developed guava hybrids with commercial cultivars under mid hills of NE India
NA Deshmukh, P Lyngdoh, AK Jha, RK Patel, BC Deka
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Effect of slice thickness and blanching time on different quality attributes of instant ginger candy
A Nath, BC Deka, AK Jha, D Paul, LK Misra
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Evaluation of Taro (Colocasia esculenta L.) Cultivars for Growth, Yield and Quality Attributes
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AK Jha, BC Deka
Conservation of Natural Resources for Sustainable Hill Agriculture (Eds. S.V …, 2010
Genetic characterization of Chayote (Sechium edule ( Jacq.) Swartz.) land races of North Eastern Hills of India and conservation measure
VK Verma, A Pandey, AK Jha, SV Ngachan
Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants (Springer Journal), 2017
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VK Verma, RK Patel, NA Deshmukh, AK Jha, SV Ngachan, AK Singha, ...
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Studies on the therapeutic properties of Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) calyx: A popular ingredient in the cuisine of North East India
K Puro, C Aochen, S Ghatak, S Das, R Sanjukta, KP Mohapatra, AK Jha, ...
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Passion fruit
NA Deshmukh, RK Patel, S Okram, H Rymbai, SS Roy, AK Jha
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Effect of Integrated Nutrient Management Modules on Growth, Yield and Quality Attributes in Taro (Colocasia esculenta L. Schott)
Indian Journal of Hill Farming 25 (1), 21-25, 2012
Effect of thinning time and fruit spacing on fruit maturity, yield, size, peel colour and quality attributes of peach cv. Flordasun
NA Deshmukh, H Rymbai, AK Jha, P Lyngdoh, SK Malhotra
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Collection and evaluation of some underutilized leafy vegetables of Meghalaya
J Buragohain, VB Singh, BC Deka, AK Jha, K Wanshnong, T Angami
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Leaf to Fruit Ratio Affects Fruit Yield and Quality of Low Chilling Peach Cv. Flordasun
NA Deshmukh, RK Patel, BC Deka, AK Jha, P Lyngdoh
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Physical and biochemical content of indigenous underutilized Sohiong (Prunus nepaulensis Ser.) fruit in Meghalaya, India.
H Rymbai, RK Patel, NA Deshmukh, AK Jha, VK Verma
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