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Removal of antibiotic resistance genes in an anaerobic membrane bioreactor treating primary clarifier effluent at 20 C
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Seasonal succession leads to habitat-dependent differentiation in ribosomal RNA: DNA ratios among freshwater lake bacteria
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Application of ion torrent sequencing to the assessment of the effect of alkali ballast water treatment on microbial community diversity
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Metagenomics reveal triclosan-induced changes in the antibiotic resistome of anaerobic digesters
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Morphological identification and COI barcodes of adult flies help determine species identities of chironomid larvae (Diptera, Chironomidae)
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Microbial succession on the lake sturgeon egg surface: Mechanisms shaping the microbial community assembly during succession and the effect of microbial successional processes …
M Fujimoto
Michigan State University. Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Ecology …, 2012
Characterizing the metabolome and microbiome at giant panda scent marking sites during the mating season
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iScience, 2024
The Dermestidae insects collected from the egg batch of gypsy moth in Japan.
T Sawahata, S Seguchi, M Fujimoto, K Matsui, MN Inoue
The Microbiome of Sturgeon Egg: Relevance to Hatchery Rearing
T Marsh, J Bauman, R Angoshtari, D Ye, M Fujimoto, F Trail, K Scribner
5th Recent Advances in Microbial Control-Microbiomes Matter (RAMC), 2018
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