Jeffrey Marshall
Jeffrey Marshall
Quantum AI Lab at NASA Ames Research Center
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Information scrambling in quantum circuits
X Mi, P Roushan, C Quintana, S Mandra, J Marshall, C Neill, F Arute, ...
Science 374 (6574), 1479-1483, 2021
The power of pausing: advancing understanding of thermalization in experimental quantum annealers
J Marshall, D Venturelli, I Hen, EG Rieffel
Physical Review Applied 11, 044083, 2019
Thermalization, freeze-out, and noise: Deciphering experimental quantum annealers
J Marshall, EG Rieffel, I Hen
Physical Review Applied 8 (6), 064025, 2017
Suppressing quantum errors by scaling a surface code logical qubit
Nature 614 (7949), 676-681, 2023
Dissipative universal Lindbladian simulation
P Zanardi, J Marshall, L Campos Venuti
Physical Review A 93 (2), 022312, 2016
Characterizing local noise in QAOA circuits
J Marshall, F Wudarski, S Hadfield, T Hogg
SciNotes 1, 025208, 2020
Practical engineering of hard spin-glass instances
J Marshall, V Martin-Mayor, I Hen
Physical Review A 94, 012320, 2016
Comparing relaxation mechanisms in quantum and classical transverse-field annealing
T Albash, J Marshall
Phys. Rev. Applied 15 (1), 014029, 2020
Noise suppression via generalized-Markovian processes
J Marshall, L Campos Venuti, P Zanardi
Physical Review A 96, 052113, 2017
Perils of embedding for sampling problems
J Marshall, A Di Gioacchino, EG Rieffel
Physical Review Research 2 (2), 023020, 2020
From ansatze to z-gates: a NASA view of quantum computing
EG Rieffel, S Hadfield, T Hogg, S Mandrà, J Marshall, G Mossi, ...
Future Trends of HPC in a Disruptive Scenario 34, 133, 2019
Modular quantum-information processing by dissipation
J Marshall, L Campos Venuti, P Zanardi
Physical Review A 94 (5), 052339, 2016
Estimating the density of states of frustrated spin systems
L Barash, J Marshall, M Weigel, I Hen
New Journal of Physics 21 (7), 073065, 2019
Ferromagnetically shifting the power of pausing
ZG Izquierdo, S Grabbe, S Hadfield, J Marshall, Z Wang, E Rieffel
Physical Review Applied 15 (4), 044013, 2021
Quantum-accelerated constraint programming
KEC Booth, B O'Gorman, J Marshall, S Hadfield, E Rieffel
Quantum 5, 550, 2021
Quantum-accelerated global constraint filtering
KEC Booth, B O’Gorman, J Marshall, S Hadfield, E Rieffel
Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming: 26th International …, 2020
Classifying quantum data by dissipation
J Marshall, L Campos Venuti, P Zanardi
Physical Review A 99, 032330, 2019
Perils of embedding for quantum sampling
J Marshall, G Mossi, EG Rieffel
Physical Review A 105 (2), 022615, 2022
HybridQ: A Hybrid Simulator for Quantum Circuits
S Mandrà, J Marshall, EG Rieffel, R Biswas
2021 IEEE/ACM Second International Workshop on Quantum Computing Software …, 2021
Augmented fidelities for single-qubit gates
F Wudarski, J Marshall, A Petukhov, E Rieffel
Physical Review A 102 (5), 052612, 2020
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