Martin Pickford
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First hominid from the Miocene (Lukeino formation, Kenya)
B Senut, M Pickford, D Gommery, P Mein, K Cheboi, Y Coppens
Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences-Series IIA-Earth and Planetary …, 2001
Bipedalism in Orrorin tugenensis revealed by its femora
M Pickford, B Senut, D Gommery, J Treil
Comptes Rendus Palevol 1 (4), 191-203, 2002
External and internal morphology of the BAR 1002'00 Orrorin tugenensis femur
K Galik, B Senut, M Pickford, D Gommery, J Treil, AJ Kuperavage, ...
Science 305 (5689), 1450-1453, 2004
Preliminary Miocene mammalian biostratigraphy for western Kenya
M Pickford
Journal of Human Evolution 10 (1), 73-97, 1981
The geological and faunal context of Late Miocene hominid remains from Lukeino, Kenya
M Pickford, B Senut
Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences-Series IIA-Earth and Planetary …, 2001
Revision of the Miocene Suidae of the Indian subcontinent
M Pickford
Munchner Geowiss. Abh./A, Geol. & Palaontol. 12, 1-92, 1988
New hominoid primates from the Siwaliks of Pakistan and their bearing on hominoid evolution
D Pilbeam, GE Meyer, C Badgley, MD Rose, MHL Pickford, ...
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Geology and palaeontology of Neogene strata of Pakistan
D Pilbeam, J Barry, GE Meyer, SMI Shah, MHL Pickford, WW Bishop, ...
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Sahelanthropus or'Sahelpithecus'?
MH Wolpoff, B Senut, M Pickford, J Hawks
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New Postcranial Fossils of Proconsul africanus and Proconsul nyanzae
AC Walker, M Pickford
New interpretations of ape and human ancestry, 325-351, 1983
Geology and palaeobiology of the albertine rift valley, Uganda-Zaire. Volume I: geology
M Pickford, B Senut, D Hadoto
Publication occasionnelle-Centre international pour la formation et les …, 1993
Neogene desertification of Africa
B Senut, M Pickford, L Ségalen
Comptes Rendus Geoscience 341 (8-9), 591-602, 2009
New chronology for the Early Miocene mammalian faunas of Kisingiri, Western Kenya
RE Drake, JA Van Couvering, MH Pickford, GH Curtis, JA Harris
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Cainozoic paleontological sites of Western Kenya
M Pickford
(No Title), 1986
A new look at Kenyapithecus based on recent discoveries in western Kenya
M Pickford
Journal of Human Evolution 14 (2), 113-143, 1985
A new Late Miocene hominoid from Kenya: Samburupithecus kiptalami gen. et sp. nov.
H Ishida, M Pickford
Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences-Series IIA-Earth and Planetary …, 1997
Geology and Palaeobiology of the Central and Southern Namib Desert, Southwestern Africa: Geology and History of Study
M Pickford, B Senut
Geological Survey, 2000
Late Miocene sediments and fossils from the northern Kenya Rift Valley
M Pickford
Nature 256 (5515), 279-284, 1975
Otavipithecus namibiensis, first Miocene hominoid from southern Africa
GC Conroy, M Pickford, B Senut, JV Couvering, P Mein
Nature 356 (6365), 144-148, 1992
The skull of Proconsul africanus: reconstruction and cranial capacity
A Walker, D Falk, R Smith, M Pickford
Nature 305 (5934), 525-527, 1983
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