Michał Zieliński
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Strain effects on the electronic structure of strongly coupled self-assembled InAs∕ GaAs quantum dots: Tight-binding approach
W Jaskólski, M Zieliński, GW Bryant, J Aizpurua
Physical Review B 74 (19), 195339, 2006
Atomistic tight-binding theory of multiexciton complexes in a self-assembled InAs quantum dot
M Zieliński, M Korkusiński, P Hawrylak
Physical Review B 81 (8), 085301, 2010
Deterministic writing and control of the dark exciton spin using single short optical pulses
I Schwartz, ER Schmidgall, L Gantz, D Cogan, E Bordo, Y Don, M Zielinski, ...
Physical Review X 5 (1), 011009, 2015
Electronic and optical properties of semiconductor and graphene quantum dots
W Sheng, M Korkusinski, AD Güçlü, M Zielinski, P Potasz, ES Kadantsev, ...
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Effect of mechanical strain on the optical properties of quantum dots: controlling exciton shape, orientation, and phase with a mechanical strain
GW Bryant, M Zieliński, N Malkova, J Sims, W Jaskólski, J Aizpurua
Physical review letters 105 (6), 067404, 2010
Valence band offset, strain and shape effects on confined states in self-assembled InAs/InP and InAs/GaAs quantum dots
M Zieliński
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 25 (46), 465301, 2013
Including strain in atomistic tight-binding Hamiltonians: An application to self-assembled InAs/GaAs and InAs/InP quantum dots
M Zieliński
Physical Review B 86 (11), 115424, 2012
Controlling a nanowire quantum dot band gap using a straining dielectric envelope
M Bouwes Bavinck, M Zieliński, BJ Witek, T Zehender, EPAM Bakkers, ...
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Atomistic theory of dark excitons in self-assembled quantum dots of reduced symmetry
M Zieliński, Y Don, D Gershoni
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Fine structure of light-hole excitons in nanowire quantum dots
M Zieliński
Physical Review B 88 (11), 115424, 2013
Multiexciton complexes in InAs self-assembled quantum dots
M Korkusinski, M Zielinski, P Hawrylak
Journal of Applied Physics 105 (12), 122406, 2009
The emergence of classical behaviour in magnetic adatoms
F Delgado, S Loth, M Zielinski, J Fernández-Rossier
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 109 (5), 57001, 2015
Photon Cascade from a Single Crystal Phase Nanowire Quantum Dot
M Bouwes Bavinck, KD Jöns, M Zielinski, G Patriarche, JC Harmand, ...
Nano letters 16 (2), 1081-1085, 2016
Excitonic complexes in natural InAs/GaAs quantum dots
M Zieliński, K Gołasa, MR Molas, M Goryca, T Kazimierczuk, T Smoleński, ...
Physical Review B 91 (8), 085303, 2015
Tight-binding theory of Zn S∕ Cd S nanoscale heterostructures: Role of strain and d orbitals
JG Díaz, M Zieliński, W Jaskólski, GW Bryant
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Deterministic coherent writing of a long-lived semiconductor spin qubit using one ultrafast optical pulse
I Schwartz, D Cogan, ER Schmidgall, L Gantz, Y Don, M Zieliński, ...
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Controlling the optics of quantum dots with nanomechanical strain
GW Bryant, M Zieliński, N Malkova, J Sims, W Jaskólski, J Aizpurua
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Excitonic fine structure of elongated InAs/InP quantum dots
M Zieliński
Physical Review B 88 (15), 155319, 2013
Theory of InP nanocrystals under pressure
JG Díaz, GW Bryant, W Jaskólski, M Zieliński
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Coupling and strain effects in vertically stacked double InAs/GaAs quantum dots: Tight-binding approach
W Jaskólski, M Zielinski, GW Bryant
Acta Physica Polonica-Series A General Physics 106 (2), 193-206, 2004
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