Joachim Kowalski
Joachim Kowalski
Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences
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Adherence to safety and self-isolation guidelines, conspiracy and paranoia-like beliefs during COVID-19 pandemic in Poland-associations and moderators
J Kowalski, M Marchlewska, Z Molenda, P Górska, Ł Gawęda
Psychiatry research 294, 113540, 2020
The effectiveness of metacognitive training for patients with schizophrenia: a narrative systematic review of studies published between 2009 and 2015
D Pankowski, J Kowalski, Ł Gawęda
Psychiatria polska 50 (4), 787-803, 2016
Cognitive-attentional syndrome–The psychometric properties of the CAS-1 and multi-measure CAS-based clinical diagnosis
J Kowalski, M Dragan
Comprehensive psychiatry 91, 13-21, 2019
Neural correlates of cognitive-attentional syndrome: An fMRI study on repetitive negative thinking induction and resting state functional connectivity
J Kowalski, M Wypych, A Marchewka, M Dragan
Frontiers in Psychology 10, 648, 2019
Do specific metacognitive training modules lead to specific cognitive changes among patients diagnosed with schizophrenia? A single module effectiveness pilot study
J Kowalski, D Pankowski, M Lew-Starowicz, Ł Gawęda
Psychosis 9 (3), 254-259, 2017
Neural correlates of aberrant salience and source monitoring in schizophrenia and at-risk mental states—a systematic review of fMRI studies
J Kowalski, A Aleksandrowicz, M Dąbkowska, Ł Gawęda
Journal of Clinical Medicine 10 (18), 4126, 2021
Psychometric properties of the General Functioning Questionnaire (GFQ-58) used for screening for symptoms of psychopathology and overall level of functioning
R Styła, J Kowalski
Psychiatr. Pol 54 (1), 83-100, 2020
Persecutory beliefs predict adherence to epidemiological safety guidelines over time–a longitudinal study
J Kowalski, Ł Gawęda
Psychological Medicine 52 (7), 1393-1394, 2022
Effects of attention training technique on brain function in high-and low-cognitive-attentional syndrome individuals: Regional dynamics before, during, and after a single …
J Kowalski, M Wierzba, M Wypych, A Marchewka, M Dragan
Behaviour Research and Therapy 132, 103693, 2020
Phantom phone signals and other hallucinatory-like experiences: Investigation of similarities and differences
A Aleksandrowicz, J Kowalski, Ł Gawęda
Psychiatry Research 319, 114964, 2023
Brain structural correlates of cognitive-attentional syndrome–a voxel-based morphometry study
J Kowalski, M Wypych, A Marchewka, M Dragan
Brain Imaging and Behavior 16 (4), 1914-1918, 2022
Childhood adversities and psychopathology in participants with high and low severity of cognitive-attentional syndrome symptoms
M Dragan, J Kowalski
European Journal of Trauma & Dissociation 4 (4), 100112, 2020
A review of selected psychotherapies for PTSD, their efficacy and treatment guidelines in adults
J Kowalski, A Elżanowski, A Śliwerski
Psychiatr Pol, 1-11, 2023
‘Thinking about them is only making me feel worse’. The mediating role of metacognitive factors in the relationship between paranoia-like beliefs and psychopathology symptoms …
J Kowalski, Ł Gawęda
Schizophrenia Research 244, 84-90, 2022
Mediating role of metacognitive beliefs and cognitive-attentional syndrome in the relationship between persecutory and coronavirus conspiracy beliefs in a community sample
J Kowalski, Ł Gawęda
Schizophrenia Research 237, 29-30, 2021
Wizerunek psychiatry, psychologa i psychoterapeuty w mediach. Analiza polskich tygodników opinii
AR Hoss, R Styła, H Suszek, J Kowalski, M Grochowska, J Dąbrowski
Psychiatria 17 (4), 216-223, 2020
Relationship of emotional distress and physical concerns with fatigue severity in sarcoidosis
P Holas, J Kowalski, A Dubaniewicz, M Farnik, A Jarzemska, ...
Sarcoidosis, Vasculitis, and Diffuse Lung Diseases 35 (2), 160, 2018
Mity psychologiczne wśród studentów psychologii.
J Kowalski, P Litwin, D Pankowski, A Cierpka
EDUKACJA Quarterly 137 (2), 2016
Cognitive-Attentional Syndrome Moderates the Relationship Between Fear of Coronavirus and Symptoms of Coronavirus-Specific Health Anxiety
J Kowalski, Ł Gawęda
International Journal of Cognitive Therapy 15 (4), 492-503, 2022
Visual worry in patients with schizophrenia
J Kowalski, R Styła
Journal of Psychiatric Research 153, 116-124, 2022
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