Marcin Chmielewski
Marcin Chmielewski
Institute of Electronic Materials Technology
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Processing, microstructure and mechanical properties of Al2O3–Cr nanocomposites
M Chmielewski, K Pietrzak
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 27 (2-3), 1273-1279, 2007
Thermal conductivity of metal-graphene composites
T Wejrzanowski, M Grybczuk, M Chmielewski, K Pietrzak, ...
Materials & design 99, 163-173, 2016
Viscoelastic discrete element model of powder sintering
S Nosewicz, J Rojek, K Pietrzak, M Chmielewski
Powder Technology 246, 157-168, 2013
Interlayer of Al2O3–Cr functionally graded material for reduction of thermal stresses in alumina–heat resisting steel joints
K Pietrzak, D Kaliński, M Chmielewski
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 27 (2-3), 1281-1286, 2007
Modeling of thermally induced damage in the processing of Cr–Al2O3 composites
W Węglewski, M Basista, M Chmielewski, K Pietrzak
Composites Part B: Engineering 43 (2), 255-264, 2012
Comparison of experimental and modelling results of thermal properties in Cu-AlN composite materials
M Chmielewski, W Weglewski
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences: Technical Sciences 61 (2), 507-514, 2013
Design of interfacial Cr3C2 carbide layer via optimization of sintering parameters used to fabricate copper/diamond composites for thermal management applications
Ł Ciupiński, MJ Kruszewski, J Grzonka, M Chmielewski, R Zielińsk, ...
Materials & Design 120, 170-185, 2017
Effect of grain size on thermal residual stresses and damage in sintered chromium–alumina composites: Measurement and modeling
W Węglewski, M Basista, A Manescu, M Chmielewski, K Pietrzak, ...
Composites Part B: Engineering 67, 119-124, 2014
Relationship between mixing conditions and properties of sintered 20AlN/80Cu composite materials
M Chmielewski, D Kaliński, K Pietrzak, W Włosiński
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 55 (2), 579-585, 2010
Ion beam modification of ceramic component prior to formation of AlN-Cu joints by direct bonding process
M Barlak, W Olesinska, J Piekoszewski, Z Werner, M Chmielewski, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 201 (19-20), 8317-8321, 2007
Microstructure and properties of hot-pressed molybdenum-alumina composites
M Chmielewski, J Dutkiewicz, D Kalinski, L Litynska-Dobrzynska, ...
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 57 (3), 687-693, 2012
Sintering Behavior and Mechanical Properties of NiAl, Al2O3, and NiAl-Al2O3 Composites
M Chmielewski, S Nosewicz, K Pietrzak, J Rojek, A Strojny-Nędza, ...
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 23 (11), 3875-3886, 2014
Ion implantation as a pre-treatment method of AlN substrate for direct bonding with copper
M Barlak, W Olesińska, J Piekoszewski, M Chmielewski, J Jagielski, ...
Vacuum 78 (2-4), 205-209, 2005
The measurement of the adhesion force between ceramic particles and metal matrix in ceramic reinforced-metal matrix composites
DM Jarząbek, M Chmielewski, T Wojciechowski
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 76, 124-130, 2015
The effect of intense plasma pulse pre-treatment on wettability in ceramic–copper system
M Barlak, J Piekoszewski, J Stanislawski, Z Werner, K Borkowska, ...
Fusion Engineering and Design 82 (15-24), 2524-2530, 2007
Metal-ceramic functionally graded materials–manufacturing, characterization, application
M Chmielewski, K Pietrzak
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences Technical Sciences 64 (1), 151-160, 2016
An influence of mechanical mixing and hot-pressing on properties of NiAl/Al2O3 composite
D Kalinski, M Chmielewski, K Pietrzak, K Choregiewicz
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 57 (3), 695-702, 2012
Influence of titanium on the formation of a “barrier” layer during joining an A1N ceramic with copper by the CDB technique
W Olesińska, D Kaliński, M Chmielewski, R Diduszko, WK Włosiński
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 17 (10), 781-788, 2006
Discrete element simulation of powder compaction in cold uniaxial pressing with low pressure
J Rojek, S Nosewicz, K Jurczak, M Chmielewski, K Bochenek, K Pietrzak
Computational Particle Mechanics 3 (4), 513-524, 2016
Microstructure and Thermal Properties of Cu-SiC Composite Materials Depending on the Sintering Technique
M Chmielewski, K Pietrzak, A Strojny-Nędza, K Kaszyca, R Zybała, ...
Science of Sintering 49, 11-22, 2017
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