Yan  V  Fyodorov
Yan V Fyodorov
Professor at Department of Mathematics, King's College London
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Statistics of resonance poles, phase shifts and time delays in quantum chaotic scattering for systems with broken time reversal invariance
YV Fyodorov, HJ Sommers
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AD Mirlin, YV Fyodorov, FM Dittes, J Quezada, TH Seligman
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Scaling properties of localization in random band matrices: a σ-model approach
YV Fyodorov, AD Mirlin
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YV Fyodorov
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YV Fyodorov, BA Khoruzhenko, HJ Sommers
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Statistical properties of eigenfunctions of random quasi 1D one-particle Hamiltonians
YV Fyodorov, AD Mirlin
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YV Fyodorov, JP Keating
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AD Mirlin, YV Fyodorov, A Mildenberger, F Evers
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YV Fyodorov, AD Mirlin
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Negative moments of characteristic polynomials of random matrices: Ingham–Siegel integral as an alternative to Hubbard–Stratonovich transformation
YV Fyodorov
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AD Mirlin, YV Fyodorov
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YV Fyodorov, E Strahov
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 36 (12), 3203, 2003
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