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The Tibetan Plateau observatory of plateau scale soil moisture and soil temperature (Tibet-Obs) for quantifying uncertainties in coarse resolution satellite and model products
Z Su, J Wen, L Dente, R Van Der Velde, L Wang, Y Ma, K Yang, Z Hu
Hydrology and earth system sciences 15 (7), 2303-2316, 2011
Assessing relative soil moisture with remote sensing data: theory, experimental validation, and application to drought monitoring over the North China Plain
Z Su, A Yacob, J Wen, G Roerink, Y He, B Gao, H Boogaard, ...
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C 28 (1-3), 89-101, 2003
Phylogeny of Vitaceae based on the nuclear GAI1 gene sequences
J Wen, ZL Nie, A Soejima, Y Meng
Botany 85 (8), 731-745, 2007
Validation of SMOS soil moisture products over the Maqu and Twente regions
L Dente, Z Su, J Wen
Sensors 12 (8), 9965-9986, 2012
Evaluation of ECMWF's soil moisture analyses using observations on the Tibetan Plateau
Z Su, P De Rosnay, J Wen, L Wang, Y Zeng
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 118 (11), 5304-5318, 2013
An improvement of roughness height parameterization of the Surface Energy Balance System (SEBS) over the Tibetan Plateau
X Chen, Z Su, Y Ma, K Yang, J Wen, Y Zhang
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 52 (3), 607-622, 2013
Maqu network for validation of satellite-derived soil moisture products
L Dente, Z Vekerdy, J Wen, Z Su
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 17, 55-65, 2012
Determination of land surface temperature and soil moisture from Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission/Microwave Imager remote sensing data
J Wen, Z Su, Y Ma
Journal of geophysical research: Atmospheres 108 (D2), ACL 2-1-ACL 2-10, 2003
A simulation analysis of the advective effect on evaporation using a two‐phase heat and mass flow model
Y Zeng, Z Su, L Wan, J Wen
Water Resources Research 47 (10), 2011
Soil moisture mapping over the central part of the Tibetan Plateau using a series of ASAR WS images
R van der Velde, Z Su, P van Oevelen, J Wen, Y Ma, MS Salama
Remote Sensing of Environment 120, 175-187, 2012
The International Soil Moisture Network: serving Earth system science for over a decade
W Dorigo, I Himmelbauer, D Aberer, L Schremmer, I Petrakovic, L Zappa, ...
Hydrology and earth system sciences 25 (11), 5749-5804, 2021
Numerical analysis of air‐water‐heat flow in unsaturated soil: Is it necessary to consider airflow in land surface models?
Y Zeng, Z Su, L Wan, J Wen
Journal of geophysical research: Atmospheres 116 (D20), 2011
Response of runoff in the source region of the Yellow River to climate warming
Y Lan, G Zhao, Y Zhang, J Wen, JQ Liu, X Hu
Quaternary International 226 (1-2), 60-65, 2010
Blending Satellite Observed, Model Simulated, and in Situ Measured Soil Moisture over Tibetan Plateau
Y Zeng, Z Su, R Van der Velde, L Wang, K Xu, X Wang, J Wen
Remote Sensing 8 (3), 268, 2016
Comparison of two soil temperature algorithms for a bare ground site on the Loess Plateau in China
Z Gao, DH Lenschow, R Horton, M Zhou, L Wang, J Wen
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 113 (D18), 2008
Assessment of roughness length schemes implemented within the Noah land surface model for high-altitude regions
D Zheng, R van der Velde, Z Su, MJ Booij, AY Hoekstra, J Wen
Journal of Hydrometeorology 15 (3), 921-937, 2014
Determination of regional land surface heat flux densities over heterogeneous landscape of HEIFE integrating satellite remote sensing with field observations
Y Ma, O Tsukamoto, H Ishikawa, Z Su, M Menenti, J Wang, J Wen
Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II 80 (3), 485-501, 2002
Augmentations to the Noah model physics for application to the Yellow River source area. Part I: Soil water flow
D Zheng, R van der Velde, Z Su, X Wang, J Wen, MJ Booij, AY Hoekstra, ...
Journal of Hydrometeorology 16 (6), 2659-2676, 2015
Remote sensing parameterization of land surface heat fluxes over arid and semi-arid areas
M Yaoming, W Jiemin, H Ronghui, W Guoan, M Menenti, S Zhongbo, ...
Advances in atmospheric sciences 20, 530-539, 2003
An improved force‐restore method for soil temperature prediction
Z Gao, R Horton, L Wang, H Liu, J Wen
European Journal of Soil Science 59 (5), 972-981, 2008
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