Timothy Wilkinson
Timothy Wilkinson
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Cytowane przez
Optical properties of gyroid structured materials: from photonic crystals to metamaterials
JA Dolan, BD Wilts, S Vignolini, JJ Baumberg, U Steiner, TD Wilkinson
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Degenerate mode-group division multiplexing
J Carpenter, BC Thomsen, TD Wilkinson
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WA Crossland, IG Manolis, MM Redmond, KL Tan, TD Wilkinson, ...
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Y Montelongo, JO Tenorio-Pearl, C Williams, S Zhang, WI Milne, ...
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F Castles, SM Morris, JMC Hung, MM Qasim, AD Wright, S Nosheen, ...
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Polarization switchable diffraction based on subwavelength plasmonic nanoantennas
Y Montelongo, JO Tenorio-Pearl, WI Milne, TD Wilkinson
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Light‐directed writing of chemically tunable narrow‐band holographic sensors
AK Yetisen, H Butt, F da Cruz Vasconcellos, Y Montelongo, ...
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Reusable, robust, and accurate laser-generated photonic nanosensor
AK Yetisen, Y Montelongo, F da Cruz Vasconcellos, JL Martinez-Hurtado, ...
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Computer generated hologram from point cloud using graphics processor
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Free space adaptive optical interconnect at 1.25 Gb/s, with beam steering using a ferroelectric liquid-crystal SLM
CJ Henderson, DG Leyva, TD Wilkinson
Journal of lightwave technology 24 (5), 1989-1997, 2006
Computer generated hologram with geometric occlusion using GPU-accelerated depth buffer rasterization for three-dimensional display
RHY Chen, TD Wilkinson
Applied optics 48 (21), 4246-4255, 2009
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H Butt, Y Montelongo, T Butler, R Rajesekharan, Q Dai, SG Shiva‐Reddy, ...
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Comparison of the performance of photonic band-edge liquid crystal lasers using different dyes as the gain medium
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Optically switchable smart windows with integrated photovoltaic devices
HK Kwon, KT Lee, K Hur, SH Moon, MM Quasim, TD Wilkinson, JY Han, ...
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Paintable band-edge liquid crystal lasers
DJ Gardiner, SM Morris, PJW Hands, C Mowatt, R Rutledge, TD Wilkinson, ...
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Dynamic holography for optical interconnections. II. Routing holograms with predictable location and intensity of each diffraction order
KL Tan, ST Warr, IG Manolis, TD Wilkinson, MM Redmond, WA Crossland, ...
JOSA A 18 (1), 205-215, 2001
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