Mohammad Akbarzadeh Pasha
Mohammad Akbarzadeh Pasha
Department of Solid state physics, Faculty of Science, University of Mazandaran
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Cytowane przez
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Highly efficient, bioactive, and bifunctional sorbent p–n–p visible light heterogeneous photocatalyst utilizing ultra-fine ZnS nanoparticles embedded in a polymeric nanocomposite
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A novel combination of non-thermal plasma process and a heterogenous nanophotocatalyst-sorbent comprising zinc sulfide, graphene oxide and polyaniline as an efficient strategy …
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Synthesis, Characterization and Antibacterial Activity of CNT-TiO2-Ag Ternary Hybrid
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Nanoscale 5 (3), 235-245, 2018
مقایسه استفاده از بسترهای پایه کلسیم بر رشد نانولوله های کربنی برآمده از کاتالیست دوگانه Fe-Co به روش نشست بخار شیمیایی حرارتی
شمشیری ذلیخا, اکبرزاده پاشا محمد, شاهی فاطمه
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