Johann Peter Reithmaier
Johann Peter Reithmaier
Institute of Nanostructure Technologies and Analytics (INA), University of Kassel
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Strong coupling in a single quantum dot–semiconductor microcavity system
JP Reithmaier, G Sęk, A Löffler, C Hofmann, S Kuhn, S Reitzenstein, ...
Nature 432 (7014), 197-200, 2004
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M Bayer, G Ortner, O Stern, A Kuther, AA Gorbunov, A Forchel, ...
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Electron and hole g factors and exchange interaction from studies of the exciton fine structure in In 0.60 Ga 0.40 As quantum dots
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Optical modes in photonic molecules
M Bayer, T Gutbrod, JP Reithmaier, A Forchel, TL Reinecke, PA Knipp, ...
Physical review letters 81 (12), 2582, 1998
Long-wavelength InP-based quantum-dash lasers
R Schwertberger, D Gold, JP Reithmaier, A Forchel
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 14 (6), 735-737, 2002
Zeeman splitting of excitons and biexcitons in single In 0.60 Ga 0.40 A s/G a A s self-assembled quantum dots
A Kuther, M Bayer, A Forchel, A Gorbunov, VB Timofeev, F Schäfer, ...
Physical Review B 58 (12), R7508, 1998
Tunable photonic crystals fabricated in III-V semiconductor slab waveguides using infiltrated liquid crystals
C Schuller, F Klopf, JP Reithmaier, M Kamp, A Forchel
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Control of Vertically Coupled Quantum Dots with Electric Fields
G Ortner, M Bayer, Y Lyanda-Geller, TL Reinecke, A Kress, JP Reithmaier, ...
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Size dependence of confined optical modes in photonic quantum dots
JP Reithmaier, M Röhner, H Zull, F Schäfer, A Forchel, PA Knipp, ...
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T Gutbrod, M Bayer, A Forchel, JP Reithmaier, TL Reinecke, S Rudin, ...
Physical Review B 57 (16), 9950, 1998
InP based lasers and optical amplifiers with wire-/dot-like active regions
JP Reithmaier, A Somers, S Deubert, R Schwertberger, W Kaiser, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 38 (13), 2088, 2005
Telecom-wavelength (1.5 μm) single-photon emission from InP-based quantum dots
M Benyoucef, M Yacob, JP Reithmaier, J Kettler, P Michler
Applied Physics Letters 103 (16), 2013
Enhanced light emission of In x Ga 1− x As quantum dots in a two-dimensional photonic-crystal defect microcavity
TD Happ, II Tartakovskii, VD Kulakovskii, JP Reithmaier, M Kamp, ...
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Lasing in high-Q quantum-dot micropillar cavities
S Reitzenstein, A Bazhenov, A Gorbunov, C Hofmann, S Münch, A Löffler, ...
Applied Physics Letters 89 (5), 2006
Band offset in elastically strained InGaAs/GaAs multiple quantum wells determined by optical absorption and electronic Raman scattering
JP Reithmaier, R Höger, H Riechert, A Heberle, G Abstreiter, G Weimann
Applied physics letters 56 (6), 536-538, 1990
Semiconductor quantum dot microcavity pillars with high-quality factors and enlarged dot dimensions
A Löffler, JP Reithmaier, G Sęk, C Hofmann, S Reitzenstein, M Kamp, ...
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Optical demonstration of a crystal band structure formation
M Bayer, T Gutbrod, A Forchel, TL Reinecke, PA Knipp, R Werner, ...
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On the nature of quantum dash structures
H Dery, E Benisty, A Epstein, R Alizon, V Mikhelashvili, G Eisenstein, ...
Journal of applied physics 95 (11), 6103-6111, 2004
Transient electromagnetically induced transparency in self-assembled quantum dots
S Marcinkevičius, A Gushterov, JP Reithmaier
Applied Physics Letters 92 (4), 2008
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