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Jae K Lee
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PTEN deletion enhances the regenerative ability of adult corticospinal neurons
K Liu, Y Lu, JK Lee, R Samara, R Willenberg, I Sears-Kraxberger, ...
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Enhanced Transcriptional Activity and Mitochondrial Localization of STAT3 Co-induce Axon Regrowth in the Adult Central Nervous System
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Effect of spinal cord injury severity on alterations of the H-reflex
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Minimum information about a spinal cord injury experiment: a proposed reporting standard for spinal cord injury experiments
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Combined genetic attenuation of myelin and semaphorin-mediated growth inhibition is insufficient to promote serotonergic axon regeneration
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AR Hackett, DH Lee, A Dawood, M Rodriguez, L Funk, P Tsoulfas, JK Lee
Neurobiology of disease 89, 10-22, 2016
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