Mateusz Urbańczyk
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Cytowane przez
Iterative thresholding algorithm for multiexponential decay applied to PGSE NMR data
M Urbanczyk, D Bernin, W Kozminski, K Kazimierczuk
Analytical chemistry 85 (3), 1828-1833, 2013
Monitoring polydispersity by NMR diffusometry with tailored norm regularisation and moving-frame processing
M Urbańczyk, D Bernin, A Czuroń, K Kazimierczuk
Analyst 141 (5), 1745-1752, 2016
Accelerating diffusion‐ordered NMR spectroscopy by joint sparse sampling of diffusion and time dimensions
M Urbańczyk, W Koźmiński, K Kazimierczuk
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53 (25), 6464-6467, 2014
Monitoring hydrogenation reactions using benchtop 2D NMR with extraordinary sensitivity and spectral resolution
D Gołowicz, K Kazimierczuk, M Urbańczyk, T Ratajczyk
ChemistryOpen 8 (2), 196-200, 2019
Ultrafast methods for relaxation and diffusion
VV Telkki, M Urbańczyk, V Zhivonitko
Progress in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 126, 101-120, 2021
TReNDS—Software for reaction monitoring with time‐resolved non‐uniform sampling
M Urbańczyk, A Shchukina, D Gołowicz, K Kazimierczuk
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 57 (1), 4-12, 2019
Controlling the stereoselectivity of rac-LA polymerization by chiral recognition induced the formation of homochiral dimeric metal alkoxides
P Horeglad, M Cybularczyk, A Litwińska, AM Dąbrowska, M Dranka, ...
Polymer Chemistry 7 (11), 2022-2036, 2016
DFT calculations of 31P spin–spin coupling constants and chemical shift in dioxaphosphorinanes
M Pecul, M Urbańczyk, A Wodyński, M Jaszuński
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 49 (7), 399-404, 2011
Comprehensive NMR analysis of pore structures in superabsorbing cellulose nanofiber aerogels
Y Kharbanda, M Urbańczyk, O Laitinen, K Kling, S Pallaspuro, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (51), 30986-30995, 2019
Joint non-uniform sampling of all incremented time delays for quicker acquisition in protein relaxation studies
M Urbańczyk, M Nowakowski, W Koźmiński, K Kazimierczuk
Journal of Biomolecular NMR 68, 155-161, 2017
Clustered sparsity and Poisson-gap sampling
P Kasprzak, M Urbańczyk, K Kazimierczuk
Journal of biomolecular NMR 75 (10), 401-416, 2021
Accelerating restricted diffusion NMR studies with time-resolved and ultrafast methods
M Urbańczyk, Y Kharbanda, O Mankinen, VV Telkki
Analytical Chemistry 92 (14), 9948-9955, 2020
Sensitive, efficient and portable analysis of molecular exchange processes by hyperpolarized ultrafast NMR
Y Kharbanda, M Urbańczyk, VV Zhivonitko, S Mailhiot, MI Kettunen, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 61 (28), e202203957, 2022
Temperature as an extra dimension in multidimensional protein NMR spectroscopy
A Shchukina, P Małecki, B Mateos, M Nowakowski, M Urbańczyk, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 27 (5), 1753-1767, 2021
SCoT: Swept coherence transfer for quantitative heteronuclear 2D NMR
D Gołowicz, M Urbańczyk, A Shchukina, K Kazimierczuk
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 294, 1-6, 2018
Alternative data processing techniques for serial NMR experiments
A Shchukina, M Urbańczyk, P Kasprzak, K Kazimierczuk
Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part A 46 (2), e21429, 2017
Towards NHC stabilized alkylgallium alkoxide/aryloxide cations–The advances, the limitations and the challenges
AM Dąbrowska, A Hurko, M Dranka, V Varga, M Urbańczyk, P Horeglad
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 840, 63-69, 2017
Recent progress in liquid state electrochemistry coupled with NMR spectroscopy
M Pietrzak, S Jopa, A Mames, M Urbańczyk, M Woźny, T Ratajczyk
ChemElectroChem 8 (22), 4181-4198, 2021
Variable-temperature NMR spectroscopy for metabolite identification in biological materials
EK Nawrocka, M Urbańczyk, K Koziński, K Kazimierczuk
RSC advances 11 (56), 35321-35325, 2021
Linear discriminant analysis reveals hidden patterns in NMR chemical shifts of intrinsically disordered proteins
JA Romero, P Putko, M Urbańczyk, K Kazimierczuk, ...
PLoS Computational Biology 18 (10), e1010258, 2022
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