Federico Zorzi
Federico Zorzi
Research Lab technician, University of Padua
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Cytowane przez
A novel phosphorus polyurethane FOAM/montmorillonite nanocomposite: Preparation, characterization and thermal behaviour
S Semenzato, A Lorenzetti, M Modesti, E Ugel, D Hrelja, S Besco, ...
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Primary dolomite in the Late Triassic Travenanzes Formation, Dolomites, Northern Italy: facies control and possible bacterial influence
N Preto, A Breda, J Dal Corso, C Spötl, F Zorzi, S Frisia
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M Secco, L Maritan, C Mazzoli, GI Lampronti, F Zorzi, L Nodari, U Russo, ...
Archaeometry 53 (4), 809-829, 2011
Investigation of CaO–CO2 reaction kinetics by in-situ XRD using synchrotron radiation
A Biasin, CU Segre, G Salviulo, F Zorzi, M Strumendo
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Alkali-activated calcined smectite clay blended with waste calcium carbonate as a low-carbon binder
L Valentini, S Contessi, MC Dalconi, F Zorzi, E Garbin
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Coordination Polymers Based on the Trinuclear Triangular Secondary Building Unit [Cu33-OH)(μ-pz)3]2+ (pz = pyrazolate) and Succinate Anion
C Di Nicola, E Forlin, F Garau, M Gazzano, A Lanza, M Monari, F Nestola, ...
Crystal growth & design 13 (1), 126-135, 2013
Thermal characterization of a montmorillonite, modified with polyethylene-glycols (PEG1500 and PEG4000), by in situ HT-XRD and FT IR: Formation of a high-temperature phase
L Zampori, G Dotelli, PG Stampino, C Cristiani, F Zorzi, E Finocchio
Applied Clay Science 59, 140-147, 2012
Degradation processes of reinforced concretes by combined sulfate–phosphate attack
M Secco, GI Lampronti, MC Schlegel, L Maritan, F Zorzi
Cement and Concrete Research 68, 49-63, 2015
Evidence of dmisteinbergite (hexagonal form of CaAl2Si2O8) in pseudotachylyte: A tool to constrain the thermal history of a seismic event
F Nestola, S Mittempergher, G Di Toro, F Zorzi, D Pedron
American Mineralogist 95 (2-3), 405-409, 2010
Sugars with different thickening power in high shear granulation
AC Santomaso, R Baggio, F Zorzi, G Salviulo, N Realdon, ...
Powder Technology 317, 391-399, 2017
Very fast crystallisation of MFe 2 O 4 spinel ferrites (M= Co, Mn, Ni, Zn) under low temperature hydrothermal conditions: a time-resolved structural investigation
P Dolcet, S Diodati, F Zorzi, P Voepel, C Seitz, BM Smarsly, S Mascotto, ...
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In-situ high-temperature emissivity spectra and thermal expansion of C2/c pyroxenes: Implications for the surface of Mercury
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Cosmetics and cosmetology at Shahr-i Sokhta
M Vidale, G Salviulo, F Zorzi, I Mocchiutti
Iran 54 (2), 1-24, 2016
Coordination polymers from mild condition reactions of copper (II) carboxylates with pyrazole (Hpz). Influence of carboxylate basicity on the self-assembly of the [Cu3 (μ3-OH …
S Massignani, R Scatena, A Lanza, M Monari, F Condello, F Nestola, ...
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Ultra-thin clay layers facilitate seismic slip in carbonate faults
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B-doped hardystonite bioceramics from preceramic polymers and fillers: Synthesis and application to foams and 3D-printed scaffolds
H Elsayed, M Sinico, M Secco, F Zorzi, P Colombo, E Bernardo
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 37 (4), 1757-1767, 2017
Chemical-physical and mineralogical characterization of ceramic raw materials from Moroccan northern regions: Intriguing resources for industrial applications
M Monsif, A Zerouale, NI Kandri, M Mozzon, P Sgarbossa, F Zorzi, F Tateo, ...
Applied Clay Science 182, 105274, 2019
Isolated spicules of Demospongiae from Mt. Duello (Eocene, Lessini Mts., northern Italy): preservation, taxonomy, and depositional environment
V Frisone, A Pisera, E Hajdu, N Preto, F Zorzi, R Zorzin
Facies 60, 883-904, 2014
Te-rich canfieldite, Ag8Sn (S, Te) 6, from the Lengenbach quarry, Binntal, Canton Valais, Switzerland: occurrence, description and crystal structure
L Bindi, F Nestola, A Guastoni, F Zorzi, L Peruzzo, T Raber
The Canadian Mineralogist 50 (1), 111-118, 2012
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