Cezarina Cela Mardare
Cezarina Cela Mardare
Dr. at Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Deposition of bioactive glass-ceramic thin-films by RF magnetron sputtering
CC Mardare, AI Mardare, JRF Fernandes, E Joanni, SCA Pina, ...
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CC Mardare, AW Hassel
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Investigation of thermally oxidised Mn–Co thin films for application in SOFC metallic interconnects
CC Mardare, H Asteman, M Spiegel, A Savan, A Ludwig
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Effects of adhesion layer (Ti or Zr) and Pt deposition temperature on the properties of PZT thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering
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Anderson‐Localization and the Mott–Ioffe–Regel Limit in Glassy‐Metallic PEDOT
D Farka, H Coskun, J Gasiorowski, C Cobet, K Hingerl, LM Uiberlacker, ...
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CC Mardare, AW Hassel
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CC Mardare, D Tanasic, A Rathner, N Müller, AW Hassel
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Self-assembled cellulose particles for agrochemical applications
JP Quiñones, CC Mardare, AW Hassel, O Brüggemann
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P Bleckenwegner, CC Mardare, C Cobet, JP Kollender, AW Hassel, ...
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Testosterone-and vitamin-grafted cellulose ethers for sustained release of camptothecin
JP Quiñones, CC Mardare, AW Hassel, O Brüggemann
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Bottom electrode crystallization of PZT thin films for ferroelectric capacitors
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Electrocatalysis on copper–palladium alloys for amperometric formaldehyde sensing
I Pötzelberger, CC Mardare, LM Uiberlacker, S Hild, AI Mardare, ...
RSC advances 7 (10), 6031-6039, 2017
Formation of nano-scale composite anodic films on aluminium-holmium alloys
K Shahzad, CC Mardare, D Recktenwald, AI Mardare, AW Hassel
Electrochimica Acta 297, 888-904, 2019
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