Małgorzata Korzeniowska
Małgorzata Korzeniowska
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Comparative analysis of fatty acid profile and cholesterol content of egg yolks of different bird species.
M Kaźmierska, B Jarosz, M Korzeniowska, T Trziszka, Z Dobrzański
Polish Journal of food and nutrition sciences 14 (Suppl. 1), 69-73, 2005
Drying kinetics and bioactivity of beetroot slices pretreated in concentrated chokeberry juice and dried with vacuum microwaves
K Lech, A Figiel, A Wojdyło, M Korzeniowska, M Serowik, M Szarycz
Drying Technology 33 (13), 1644-1653, 2015
Effect of walnut green husk addition on some quality properties of cooked sausages
AM Salejda, U Janiewicz, M Korzeniowska, J Kolniak-Ostek, ...
LWT-Food Science and Technology 65, 751-757, 2016
Activity of protease inhibitors and lysozyme of hen's egg white depending on feed modification and egg storage
W Kopec, T Skiba, M Korzeniowska, L Bobak, T Trziszka
Polish journal of food and nutrition sciences 14 (1), 79, 2005
Influence of different histidine sources and zinc supplementation of broiler diets on dipeptide content and antioxidant status of blood and meat
W Kopeć, D Jamroz, A Wiliczkiewicz, E Biazik, A Pudlo, T Hikawczuk, ...
British Poultry Science 54 (4), 454-465, 2013
Comparison of chosen quality parameters of meat from wild boar and domestic pigs
T Szmanko, J Górecka, M Korzeniowska, A Malicki, E Eeremenko
Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences 57 (4C), 523-528, 2007
Influence of the season of the year on some technological parameters and ultrastructure of PSE, normal and DFD chicken breast muscles
T Lesiow, T Sazmanko, M Korzeniowska, L Bobak, M Oziemblowski
Proceedings XIX. European Symposium on the Quality of Poultry Meat, 21-25, 2009
Effects of sex and inclusion of dried distillers grains with solubles on slaughter yield and meat characteristics of Pekin ducks
MP Adamski, AM Kowalczyk, ET Łukaszewicz, M Korzeniowska
British poultry science 52 (6), 742-749, 2011
Antioxidant status of turkey breast meat and blood after feeding a diet enriched with histidine
W Kopec, A Wiliczkiewicz, D Jamroz, E Biazik, A Pudlo, T Hikawczuk, ...
Poultry Science 95 (1), 53-61, 2016
Antioxidative effect of plant extracts and flavones on liposome and erythrocyte membranes
J Gabrielska, M Korzeniowska, A Wojdylo
Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences 57 (4 [A]), 145-150, 2007
Effect of fodder enrichment with PUFAs on quail eggs
M Kazmierska, M Korzeniowska, T Trziszka, B Jarosz
Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences 57 (4 [B]), 2007
Characteristics of carcass traits and physicochemical properties of meat from pig with wild boar crossbreed
J Szczepański, T Szmańko, M Korzeniowska
Animal Sci 58 (1), 134-135, 2007
Culinary and technological usefulness of meat from crossbreed of pig with wild boar
T Szmanko, J Szczepański, M Korzeniowska
Animal Science. Proceedings 1, 136-137, 2007
Evaluation of the PSE and DFD abnormalities occurrence in chicken meat
T Smolinksa, M Korzeniowska
Proc. XVII Eur. Symp. Poult. Meat, the Netherlands. World’s Poult. Sci …, 2005
Butter stabilization by plant phenolic antioxidants.
A Wojdyło, J Oszmiański, A Sokól-Łętowska, M Korzeniowska
Polish journal of food and nutrition sciences 14 (Suppl. 1), 121-127, 2005
Comparative evaluation of the quality and fatty acid profile of meat from brown hares and domestic rabbits offered the same diet
B Króliczewska, D Miśta, M Korzeniowska, E Pecka-Kiełb, A Zachwieja
Meat science 145, 292-299, 2018
Oxidative stability of the meat of broilers fed diets supplemented with various levels of blackcurrant extract (Ribes nigrum L.) during different time period
K Sierżant, M Korzeniowska, B Król, J Orda, A Wojdyło
Journal of Chemistry 2018, 2018
Effect of feed supplementation with organic selenium and vitamin E on physical characteristics of Japanese quail (Coturnix Japonica) eggs
E Łukaszewicz, A Kowalczyk, M Korzeniowska, A Jerysz
Food and Nutr. Sci 57 (4), 377-381, 2007
Influence of sociodemographic factors on eating motivations–modelling through artificial neural networks (ANN)
RPF Guiné, AC Ferrão, M Ferreira, P Correia, M Mendes, E Bartkiene, ...
International journal of food sciences and nutrition 71 (5), 614-627, 2020
Study about food choice determinants according to six types of conditioning motivations in a sample of 11,960 participants
RPF Guine, E Bartkiene, V Szűcs, M Tarcea, M Ljubičić, M Černelič-Bizjak, ...
Foods 9 (7), 888, 2020
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