Kaisu Lankinen
Kaisu Lankinen
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, MGH/HMS
Zweryfikowany adres z mgh.harvard.edu
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Intersubject consistency of cortical MEG signals during movie viewing
K Lankinen, J Saari, R Hari, M Koskinen
NeuroImage 92, 217-224, 2014
Consistency and similarity of MEG-and fMRI-signal time courses during movie viewing
K Lankinen, J Saari, Y Hlushchuk, P Tikka, L Parkkonen, R Hari, ...
NeuroImage 173, 361-369, 2018
The integration of social and neural synchrony: a case for ecologically valid research using MEG neuroimaging
J Levy, K Lankinen, M Hakonen, R Feldman
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Haptic contents of a movie dynamically engage the spectator's sensorimotor cortex
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Cortical depth profiles of auditory and visual 7 T functional MRI responses in human superior temporal areas
K Lankinen, SP Ahlfors, F Mamashli, AI Blazejewska, T Raij, T Turpin, ...
Human Brain Mapping 44 (2), 362-372, 2023
Ballistokardiografinen mittausjärjestelmä vuodemonitorointiin
K Lankinen
Helsinki University of Technology, 2009
Role of articulatory motor networks in perceptual categorization of speech signals: a 7T fMRI study
K Lankinen, J Ahveninen, I Uluç, M Daneshzand, A Mareyam, JE Kirsch, ...
Cerebral Cortex 33 (24), 11517-11525, 2023
Decoding auditory working memory content from intracranial high frequency activity in humans
I Uluc, N Peled, AC Paulk, A Bush, V Gumenyuk, PL Kotlarz, K Lankinen, ...
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HNN-core: A Python software for cellular and circuit-level interpretation of human MEG/EEG
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Personalized 7T fMRI-Guided navigation TMS targeting: Preliminary data of speech-motor cortex in speech perception
M Daneshzand, K Lankinen, J Ahveninen, QM Wang, JR Green, ...
Brain Stimulation: Basic, Translational, and Clinical Research in …, 2023
Neuronal Modeling of Cross-Sensory Visual Evoked Magnetoencephalography Responses in the Auditory Cortex
K Lankinen, J Ahveninen, M Jas, T Raij, SP Ahlfors
Journal of Neuroscience 44 (17), 2024
Neural alignment during outgroup intervention predicts future change of affect towards outgroup
A Kluge, N Somila, K Lankinen, J Levy
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Individualized white matter connectivity of the articulatory pathway: An ultra-high field study
K Lankinen, R Wang, Q Tian, QM Wang, BJ Perry, JR Green, ...
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Characterizing directional dynamics of semantic prediction based on inter-regional temporal generalization
F Mamashli, S Khan, E Hatamimajoumerd, M Jas, I Uluc, K Lankinen, ...
bioRxiv, 2024.02. 13.580183, 2024
Individual connectivity-based parcellations reflect functional properties of human auditory cortex
M Hakonen, L Dahmani, K Lankinen, J Ren, J Barbaro, A Blazejewska, ...
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Auditory aspects of multisensory working memory are retrieved better than visual aspects
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Multilayer Network Analysis across Cortical Depths in Resting-State 7T fMRI
P Kotlarz, K Lankinen, M Hakonen, T Turpin, JR Polimeni, J Ahveninen
bioRxiv, 2023.12. 23.573208, 2023
Dynamics of cortical brain activity during movie viewing
K Lankinen
Aalto University, 2018
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