Dongming Gan
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Constraint analysis on mobility change of a novel metamorphic parallel mechanism
D Gan, JS Dai, Q Liao
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A survey of single and multi-UAV aerial manipulation
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Deep-learning-based neural network training for state estimation enhancement: Application to attitude estimation
MK Al-Sharman, Y Zweiri, MAK Jaradat, R Al-Husari, D Gan, ...
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D Gan, JS Dai, J Dias, LD Seneviratne
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Geometry constraint and branch motion evolution of 3-PUP parallel mechanisms with bifurcated motion
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Design and kinematics analysis of a new 3CCC parallel mechanism
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F Baghaei Naeini, D Makris, D Gan, Y Zweiri
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Modeling, design & characterization of a novel Passive Variable Stiffness Joint (pVSJ)
MI Awad, D Gan, M Cempini, M Cortese, N Vitiello, J Dias, P Dario, ...
2016 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems …, 2016
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