Lionel L. Siame
Lionel L. Siame
Aix-Marseille Univ., CEREGE (OSU Pythéas)
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High slip rate for a low seismicity along the Palu‐Koro active fault in central Sulawesi (Indonesia)
O Bellier, M Sébrier, T Beaudouin, M Villeneuve, R Braucher, D Bourles, ...
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Long-term fluvial incision rates and postglacial river relaxation time in the French Western Alps from 10Be dating of alluvial terraces with assessment of inheritance, soil …
GY Brocard, PA Van Der Beek, DL Bourlès, LL Siame, JL Mugnier
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 209 (1-2), 197-214, 2003
Determination of both exposure time and denudation rate from an in situ-produced 10Be depth profile: a mathematical proof of uniqueness. Model sensitivity and applications to …
R Braucher, P Del Castillo, L Siame, AJ Hidy, DL Bourlés
Quaternary Geochronology 4 (1), 56-67, 2009
Local erosion rates versus active tectonics: cosmic ray exposure modelling in Provence (south-east France)
L Siame, O Bellier, R Braucher, M Sébrier, M Cushing, D Bourlès, ...
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Active tectonics in the moroccan high atlas
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Deformation partitioning in flat subduction setting: Case of the Andean foreland of western Argentina (28 S–33 S)
LL Siame, O Bellier, M Sébrier, M Araujo
Tectonics 24 (5), 2005
New tectonic configuration in NE Iran: Active strike‐slip faulting between the Kopeh Dagh and Binalud mountains
E Shabanian, O Bellier, L Siame, N Arnaud, MR Abbassi, JJ Cochemé
Tectonics 28 (5), 2009
Quaternary slip rates along the northeastern boundary of the Arabia-Eurasia collision zone (Kopeh Dagh Mountains, Northeast Iran)
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Active tectonics in the Argentine Precordillera and western Sierras Pampeanas
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Quaternary river incision in NE Ardennes (Belgium)–Insights from 10Be/26Al dating of river terraces
G Rixhon, R Braucher, D Bourlès, L Siame, B Bovy, A Demoulin
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Seismic hazard reappraisal from combined structural geology, geomorphology and cosmic ray exposure dating analyses: the Eastern Precordillera thrust system (NW Argentina)
LL Siame, O Bellier, M Sébrier, DL Bourlès, P Leturmy, M Perez, M Araujo
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Fault growth and landscape development rates in Otago, New Zealand, using in situ cosmogenic 10Be
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Earth and Planetary Science Letters 195 (3-4), 185-193, 2002
Erosion rates in an active orogen (NE-Taiwan): A confrontation of cosmogenic measurements with river suspended loads
LL Siame, J Angelier, RF Chen, V Godard, F Derrieux, DL Bourlès, ...
Quaternary Geochronology 6 (2), 246-260, 2011
Dating inset terraces and offset fans along the Dehshir Fault (Iran) combining cosmogenic and OSL methods
K Le Dortz, B Meyer, M Sébrier, R Braucher, H Nazari, L Benedetti, ...
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Does extrusion occur at both tips of the Taiwan collision belt? Insights from active deformation studies in the Ilan Plain and Pingtung Plain regions
J Angelier, TY Chang, JC Hu, CP Chang, L Siame, JC Lee, ...
Tectonophysics 466 (3-4), 356-376, 2009
How fast is the denudation of the Taiwan mountain belt? Perspectives from in situ cosmogenic 10Be
F Derrieux, LL Siame, DL Bourlès, RF Chen, R Braucher, L Léanni, ...
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 88, 230-245, 2014
Deglaciation pattern during the Lateglacial/Holocene transition in the southern French Alps. Chronological data and geographical reconstruction from the Clarée Valley (upper …
E Cossart, M Fort, D Bourlès, R Braucher, R Perrier, L Siame
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 315, 109-123, 2012
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