John C Huffman
John C Huffman
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Informatics, Indiana University
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Cytowane przez
Molecular design of single-site metal alkoxide catalyst precursors for ring-opening polymerization reactions leading to polyoxygenates. 1. Polylactide formation by achiral and …
MH Chisholm, NW Eilerts, JC Huffman, SS Iyer, M Pacold, K Phomphrai
Journal of the American Chemical Society 122 (48), 11845-11854, 2000
Crystal structure of a silyl cation with no coordination to anion and distant coordination to solvent
JB Lambert, S Zhang, CL Stern, JC Huffman
Science 260 (5116), 1917-1918, 1993
Preparation and physical properties of trinuclear oxo-centered manganese complexes of general formulation [Mn3O (O2CR) 6L3] 0,+(R= methyl or phenyl; L= a neutral donor group …
JB Vincent, HR Chang, K Folting, JC Huffman, G Christou, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 109 (19), 5703-5711, 1987
Structural and magnetic properties of [Ni4 (. mu. 3-OMe) 4 (dbm) 4 (MeOH) 4] and [Ni4 (. eta. 1,. mu. 3-N3) 4 (dbm) 4 (EtOH) 4]. Magnetostructural correlations for [Ni4X4] 4+ …
MA Halcrow, JS Sun, JC Huffman, G Christou
Inorganic Chemistry 34 (16), 4167-4177, 1995
A new active catalyst species for enantioselective alkylation by phase-transfer catalysis
MJ O'Donnell, S Wu, JC Huffman
Tetrahedron 50 (15), 4507-4518, 1994
Reactions of metal-metal multiple bonds. 10. Reactions of Mo2 (OR) 6 (M. tplbond. M) and [Mo (OR) 4] x compounds with molecular oxygen. Preparation and characterization of oxo …
MH Chisholm, K Folting, JC Huffman, CC Kirkpatrick
Inorganic Chemistry 23 (8), 1021-1037, 1984
The molecular structures of Thiele's and Chichibabin's hydrocarbons
LK Montgomery, JC Huffman, EA Jurczak, MP Grendze
Journal of the American Chemical Society 108 (19), 6004-6011, 1986
Single-molecule magnets: a new class of tetranuclear manganese magnets
J Yoo, EK Brechin, A Yamaguchi, M Nakano, JC Huffman, AL Maniero, ...
Inorganic chemistry 39 (16), 3615-3623, 2000
An attractive cis-effect of hydride on neighbor ligands: experimental and theoretical studies on the structure and intramolecular rearrangements of Fe (H) 2 (. eta. 2-H2)(PEtPh2) 3
LS Van der Sluys, J Eckert, O Eisenstein, JH Hall, JC Huffman, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 112 (12), 4831-4841, 1990
Modeling the photosynthetic water oxidation center. Preparation and properties of tetranuclear manganese complexes containing [Mn4O2] 6+, 7+, 8+ cores, and the crystal …
JB Vincent, C Christmas, HR Chang, Q Li, PDW Boyd, JC Huffman, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 111 (6), 2086-2097, 1989
The synthesis, reactions and molecular structure of zirconocene-alkyne complexes
SL Buchwald, BT Watson, JC Huffman
Journal of the American Chemical Society 109 (8), 2544-2546, 1987
Trimethylphosphine adduct of the zirconocene-benzyne complex: synthesis, reactions, and x-ray crystal structure
SL Buchwald, BT Watson, JC Huffman
Journal of the American Chemical Society 108 (23), 7411-7413, 1986
Potential building blocks for molecular ferromagnets:[Mn12O12 (O2CPh) 16 (H2O) 4] with a S= 14 ground state
PDW Boyd, Q Li, JB Vincent, K Folting, HR Chang, WE Streib, JC Huffman, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 110 (25), 8537-8539, 1988
Preparation and properties of the triply bridged, ferromagnetically coupled dinuclear copper (II) complexes [Cu2 (OAc) 3 (bpy) 2](ClO4) and [Cu2 (OH)(H2O)(OAc)(bpy) 2](ClO4) 2
G Christou, SP Perlepes, E Libby, K Folting, JC Huffman, RJ Webb, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 29 (19), 3657-3666, 1990
Three-coordinate zinc amide and phenoxide complexes supported by a bulky Schiff base ligand
MH Chisholm, JC Gallucci, H Zhen, JC Huffman
Inorganic Chemistry 40 (19), 5051-5054, 2001
Molecular spin frustration in the [Fe4O2] 8+ core: synthesis, structure, and magnetochemistry of tetranuclear iron-oxo complex [Fe4O2 (O2CR) 7 (bpy) 2](C1O4)(R= Me, Ph)
JK McCusker, JB Vincent, EA Schmitt, ML Mino, K Shin, DAK Coggin, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 113 (8), 3012-3021, 1991
Alcohol adducts of alkoxides: intramolecular hydrogen bonding as a general structural feature
BA Vaartstra, JC Huffman, PS Gradeff, LG Hubert-Pfalzgraf, JC Daran, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 29 (17), 3126-3131, 1990
Manganese carboxylate clusters: from structuralaesthetics to single-molecule magnets
G Arom, SMJ Aubin, MA Bolcar, G Christou, HJ Eppley, K Folting, ...
Polyhedron 17 (17), 3005-3020, 1998
Metal-metal multiple bonds in ordered assemblies. 1. Tetranuclear molybdenum and tungsten carboxylates involving covalently linked metal-metal quadruple bonds. Molecular models …
RH Cayton, MH Chisholm, JC Huffman, EB Lobkovsky
Journal of the American Chemical Society 113 (23), 8709-8724, 1991
Photosynthetic water oxidation center: spin frustration in distorted cubane MnIVMnIII3 model complexes
DN Hendrickson, G Christou, EA Schmitt, E Libby, JS Bashkin, S Wang, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 114 (7), 2455-2471, 1992
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