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Cytowane przez
Organochlorines Affect the Major Androgenic Hormone, Testosterone, in Male Polar Bears (Ursus Maritimus) at Svalbard
IC Oskam, E Ropstad, E Dahl, E Lie, AE Derocher, ⊘ ystein Wiig, ...
Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A 66 (22), 2119-2139, 2003
Organochlorines Affect the Steroid Hormone Cortisol in Free-Ranging Polar Bears (Ursus maritimus) at Svalbard, Norway
I Oskam, E Ropstad, E Lie, A Derocher, Ø Wiig, E Dahl, S Larsen, ...
Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health 67 (12), 959-977, 2004
Effects of long-term maternal exposure to low doses of PCB126 and PCB153 on the reproductive system and related hormones of young male goats
IC Oskam, JL Lyche, A Krogenæs, R Thomassen, JU Skaare, R Wiger, ...
Reproduction 130 (5), 731-742, 2005
Endocrine disruption induced by organochlorines (OCs): field studies and experimental models
E Ropstad, IC Oskam, JL Lyche, HJ Larsen, E Lie, M Haave, E Dahl, ...
Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A 69 (1-2), 53-76, 2006
Effects of gestational and lactational exposure to low doses of PCBs 126 and 153 on anterior pituitary and gonadal hormones and on puberty in female goats
JL Lyche, IC Oskam, JU Skaare, O Reksen, T Sweeney, E Dahl, ...
Reproductive Toxicology 19 (1), 87-95, 2004
Altered stress-induced cortisol levels in goats exposed to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB 126 and PCB 153) during fetal and postnatal development
KE Zimmer, AC Gutleb, JL Lyche, E Dahl, IC Oskam, A Krogenæs, ...
Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A 72 (3-4), 164-172, 2009
Valproate affects reproductive endocrine function, testis diameter and some semen variables in non-epileptic adolescent goat bucks
AK Krogenaes, E Taubøll, A Stien, IC Oskam, JL Lyche, E Dahl, ...
Theriogenology 70 (1), 15-26, 2008
Effect of Previous Chemotherapy on the Quality of Cryopreserved Human Ovarian Tissue In Vitro
B Asadi Azarbaijani, M Sheikhi, IC Oskam, M Nurmio, T Laine, ...
PloS one 10 (7), e0133985, 2015
Histologic and ultrastructural features of cryopreserved ovine ovarian tissue: deleterious effect of 1, 2-propanediol applying different thawing protocols
IC Oskam, BA Asadi, RR Santos
Fertility and sterility 93 (8), 2764-2766, 2010
Vitamin E-analog Trolox prevents endoplasmic reticulum stress in frozen-thawed ovarian tissue of capuchin monkey (Sapajus apella)
DC Brito, AB Brito, S Scalercio, S Percário, MS Miranda, RM Rocha, ...
Cell and tissue research 355, 471-480, 2014
Differences in testosterone, androstenone, and skatole levels in plasma and fat between pubertal purebred Duroc and Landrace boars in response to human chorionic gonadotrophin …
IC Oskam, S Lervik, H Tajet, E Dahl, E Ropstad, Ø Andresen
Theriogenology 74 (6), 1088-1098, 2010
Impact of first-line cancer treatment on the follicle quality in cryopreserved ovarian samples from girls and young women
V Pampanini, M Wagner, B Asadi-Azarbaijani, IC Oskam, M Sheikhi, ...
Human Reproduction 34 (9), 1674-1685, 2019
Effects of hCG stimulation on hepatic activities of cytochromes P4502E1 and P4502A in pubertal male pigs
G Zamaratskaia, IC Oskam, E Ropstad, H Tajet, E Dahl, Ø Andresen
Reproduction in Domestic Animals 43 (2), 147-152, 2008
Effects of PCB99 and PCB153 exposure on spermatogenesis in young adult C57BL6 mice
IC Oskam, E Ropstad, AJ Smith, JU Skaare, A Tverdal, KA Berg, R Wiger
Reproductive Toxicology 19 (2), 169-180, 2004
Bone marrow remission status predicts leukemia contamination in ovarian biopsies collected for fertility preservation
K Jahnukainen, H Tinkanen, A Wikström, L Dunkel, UM Saarinen-Pihkala, ...
Leukemia 27 (5), 1183-1185, 2013
Irreversible Damage in Ovine Ovarian Tissue after Cryopreservation in Propanediol: Analyses after In Vitro Culture and Xenotransplantation
IC Oskam, T Lund, RR Santos
Reproduction in domestic animals 46 (5), 793-799, 2011
Trolox enhances follicular survival after ovarian tissue autograft in squirrel monkey (Saimiri collinsi)
SR Scalercio, CA Amorim, DC Brito, S Percário, IC Oskam, ...
Reproduction, Fertility and Development 28 (11), 1854-1864, 2016
Minimal residual disease of leukemia and the quality of cryopreserved human ovarian tissue in vitro
B Asadi-Azarbaijani, M Sheikhi, M Nurmio, H Tinkanen, V Juvonen, ...
Leukemia & lymphoma 57 (3), 700-707, 2016
Adding ascorbic acid to vitrification and IVC medium influences preantral follicle morphology, but not viability
MAP Melo, IC Oskam, JJH Celestino, AA Carvalho, SV Castro, ...
Reproduction in domestic animals 46 (4), 742-745, 2011
Androstenone and testosterone levels and testicular morphology of Duroc boars related to estimated breeding value for androstenone
S Lervik, I Oskam, A Krogenæs, Ø Andresen, E Dahl, HA Haga, H Tajet, ...
Theriogenology 79 (6), 986-994, 2013
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