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Jérôme Lecoq
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Cytowane przez
A suite of transgenic driver and reporter mouse lines with enhanced brain-cell-type targeting and functionality
TL Daigle, L Madisen, TA Hage, MT Valley, U Knoblich, RS Larsen, ...
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Neural ensemble dynamics underlying a long-term associative memory
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Fundamental bounds on the fidelity of sensory cortical coding
OI Rumyantsev, JA Lecoq, O Hernandez, Y Zhang, J Savall, ...
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Cellular in vivo imaging reveals coordinated regulation of pituitary microcirculation and GH cell network function
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A large-scale, standardized physiological survey reveals higher order coding throughout the mouse visual cortex
SEJ de Vries, J Lecoq, MA Buice, PA Groblewski, GK Ocker, M Oliver, ...
BioRxiv, 359513, 2018
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