Martin Kliesch
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Cytowane przez
Training variational quantum algorithms is NP-hard
L Bittel, M Kliesch
Physical Review Letters 127 (12), 120502, 2021
Locality of temperature
M Kliesch, C Gogolin, MJ Kastoryano, A Riera, J Eisert
Physical review x 4 (3), 031019, 2014
Positive tensor network approach for simulating open quantum many-body systems
AH Werner, D Jaschke, P Silvi, M Kliesch, T Calarco, J Eisert, ...
Physical review letters 116 (23), 237201, 2016
Dissipative quantum Church-Turing theorem
M Kliesch, T Barthel, C Gogolin, M Kastoryano, J Eisert
Physical review letters 107 (12), 120501, 2011
Theory of quantum system certification
M Kliesch, I Roth
PRX quantum 2 (1), 010201, 2021
Reliable quantum certification of photonic state preparations
L Aolita, C Gogolin, M Kliesch, J Eisert
Nature communications 6 (1), 8498, 2015
Matrix-product operators and states: NP-hardness and undecidability
M Kliesch, D Gross, J Eisert
Physical review letters 113 (16), 160503, 2014
Direct certification of a class of quantum simulations
JE D. Hangleiter, M. Kliesch, M. Schwarz
Quantum Science and Technology 2 (1), 015004, 2017
Lieb-Robinson bounds and the simulation of time-evolution of local observables in lattice systems
M Kliesch, C Gogolin, J Eisert
Many-Electron Approaches in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics: A …, 2014
Boson-sampling in the light of sample complexity
C Gogolin, M Kliesch, L Aolita, J Eisert
arXiv preprint arXiv:1306.3995, 2013
Quasilocality and efficient simulation of Markovian quantum dynamics
T Barthel, M Kliesch
Physical review letters 108 (23), 230504, 2012
Recovering quantum gates from few average gate fidelities
I Roth, R Kueng, S Kimmel, YK Liu, D Gross, J Eisert, M Kliesch
Physical review letters 121 (17), 170502, 2018
Mixing properties of stochastic quantum Hamiltonians
E Onorati, O Buerschaper, M Kliesch, W Brown, AH Werner, J Eisert
Communications in mathematical physics 355, 905-947, 2017
Fidelity witnesses for fermionic quantum simulations
M Gluza, M Kliesch, J Eisert, L Aolita
Physical review letters 120 (19), 190501, 2018
Sample complexity of device-independently certified “quantum supremacy”
D Hangleiter, M Kliesch, J Eisert, C Gogolin
Physical review letters 122 (21), 210502, 2019
Guaranteed recovery of quantum processes from few measurements
M Kliesch, R Kueng, J Eisert, D Gross
Quantum 3, 171, 2019
Real-space renormalization yields finite correlations
T Barthel, M Kliesch, J Eisert
Physical review letters 105 (1), 010502, 2010
Reliable recovery of hierarchically sparse signals for Gaussian and Kronecker product measurements
I Roth, M Kliesch, A Flinth, G Wunder, J Eisert
IEEE transactions on signal processing 68, 4002-4016, 2020
Improving compressed sensing with the diamond norm
M Kliesch, R Kueng, J Eisert, D Gross
IEEE transactions on information theory 62 (12), 7445-7463, 2016
Compressive gate set tomography
R Brieger, I Roth, M Kliesch
Prx quantum 4 (1), 010325, 2023
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