Łukasz Haliński
Łukasz Haliński
Profesor uczelni, Wydział Chemii, Uniwersytet Gdański
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Contamination of the southern Baltic Sea waters by the residues of selected pharmaceuticals: method development and field studies
M Borecka, G Siedlewicz, ŁP Haliński, K Sikora, K Pazdro, P Stepnowski, ...
Marine pollution bulletin 94 (1-2), 62-71, 2015
The influence of salinity on the toxicity of selected sulfonamides and trimethoprim towards the green algae Chlorella vulgaris
M Borecka, A Białk-Bielińska, ŁP Haliński, K Pazdro, P Stepnowski, ...
Journal of hazardous materials 308, 179-186, 2016
Isolation of atropine and scopolamine from plant material using liquid-liquid extraction and EXtrelut® columns
P Śramska, A Maciejka, A Topolewska, P Stepnowski, ŁP Haliński
Journal of Chromatography B 1043, 202-208, 2017
The chemical composition of cuticular waxes from leaves of the gboma eggplant (Solanum macrocarpon L.)
ŁP Haliński, M Paszkiewicz, M Gołębiowski, P Stepnowski
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 25 (1), 74-78, 2012
The molecular structure and multifunctionality of the cryptic plant polymer suberin
VG Correia, A Bento, J Pais, R Rodrigues, ŁP Haliński, M Frydrych, ...
Materials Today Bio 5, 100039, 2020
Chromatographic fractionation and analysis of the main components of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) leaf cuticular waxes
ŁP Haliński, J Szafranek, BM Szafranek, M Gołębiowski, P Stepnowski
Acta Chromatographica 21 (1), 127-137, 2009
Cuticular wax variation in the tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.), related wild species and their interspecific hybrids
ŁP Haliński, M Kalkowska, M Kalkowski, J Piorunowska, A Topolewska, ...
Biochemical systematics and ecology 60, 215-224, 2015
Evaluation of four derivatization methods for the analysis of fatty acids from green leafy vegetables by gas chromatography
A Topolewska, K Czarnowska, ŁP Haliński, P Stepnowski
Journal of Chromatography B 990, 150-157, 2015
Chemical composition of commercially available essential oils from blackcurrant, ginger, and peppermint
M Golebiowski, B Ostrowski, M Paszkiewicz, M Czerwicka, J Kumirska, ...
Chemistry of natural compounds 44, 794-796, 2008
Floral anatomy, ultrastructure and chemical analysis in Dactylorhiza incarnata/maculata complex (Orchidaceae)
AM Naczk, AK Kowalkowska, N Wiśniewska, ŁP Haliński, M Kapusta, ...
Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 187 (3), 512-536, 2018
Seasonal changes in the preen wax composition of the Herring gull Larus argentatus
I Fischer, ŁP Haliński, W Meissner, P Stepnowski, M Knitter
Chemoecology 27, 127-139, 2017
Leaf cuticular n‐alkanes as markers in the chemotaxonomy of the eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) and related species
ŁP Haliński, J Szafranek, P Stepnowski
Plant Biology 13 (6), 932-939, 2011
Multivariate analysis as a key tool in chemotaxonomy of brinjal eggplant, African eggplants and wild related species
ŁP Haliński, J Samuels, P Stepnowski
Phytochemistry 144, 87-97, 2017
GC-MS and MALDI-TOF MS Profi ling of Sucrose Esters from Nicotiana tabacum and N. rustica
ŁP Haliński, P Stepnowski
Zeitschrift für Naturforschung C 68 (5-6), 210-222, 2013
An ionic liquid extraction that preserves the molecular structure of cutin shown by nuclear magnetic resonance
CJS Moreira, A Bento, J Pais, J Petit, R Escórcio, VG Correia, Â Pinheiro, ...
Plant Physiology 184 (2), 592-606, 2020
Cuticular hydrocarbons and sucrose esters as chemotaxonomic markers of wild and cultivated tomato species (Solanum section Lycopersicon)
ŁP Haliński, P Stepnowski
Phytochemistry 132, 57-67, 2016
The effects of one-anastomosis gastric bypass on fatty acids in the serum of patients with morbid obesity
A Pakiet, ŁP Haliński, O Rostkowska, Ł Kaska, M Proczko-Stepaniak, ...
Obesity Surgery 31, 4264-4271, 2021
Rearrangements of blood and tissue fatty acid profile in colorectal Cancer-molecular mechanism and diagnostic potential
A Mika, K Duzowska, LP Halinski, A Pakiet, A Czumaj, O Rostkowska, ...
Frontiers in oncology 11, 689701, 2021
Hydrogen detection during photocatalytic water splitting: A tutorial
MCN Martínez, O Cavdar, ŁP Haliński, M Miodyńska, P Parnicka, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 47 (35), 15783-15788, 2022
Analysis of Serum Fatty Acids Profile in Kidney Transplant Recipients
A Mika, LP Halinski, T Sledzinski, S Malgorzewicz, P Woloszyk, ...
Nutrients 13 (3), 805, 2021
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