Chih-Huang Lai
Chih-Huang Lai
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Influence of La doping in multiferroic properties of thin films
YH Lee, JM Wu, CH Lai
Applied physics letters 88 (4), 042903, 2006
Magnetic read sensor with SDT tri-layer and method for making same
LC Wang, CH Lai, T Min, Z Shi, BW Crue Jr
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Nanoporous gyroid nickel from block copolymer templates via electroless plating
HY Hsueh, YC Huang, RM Ho, CH Lai, T Makida, H Hasegawa
Advanced Materials 23 (27), 3041-3046, 2011
Magnetoresistive head stabilized structure and method of fabrication thereof
KE Knapp, RA Barr, CH Lai, R Rottmayer
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Spin valve sensor with antiferromagnetic and magnetostatically coupled pinning structure
HC Tong, T Min, JG Zhu, CH Lai
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Synthetic antiferromagnetic pinned layer with Fe/FeSi/Fe system
CH Lai, Z Shi, HC Tong, RE Rottmayer, CW Miller
US Patent 6,633,464, 2003
Ion-irradiation-induced direct ordering of FePt phase
CH Lai, CH Yang, CC Chiang
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Low-temperature ordering of (001) granular FePt films by inserting ultrathin layers
YC Wu, LW Wang, CH Lai
Applied Physics Letters 91 (7), 072502, 2007
Nonpolar resistive switching in the Pt/MgO/Pt nonvolatile memory device
HH Huang, WC Shih, CH Lai
Applied Physics Letters 96 (19), 193505, 2010
Shape-Controlled Growth and Shape-Dependent Cation Site Occupancy of Monodisperse Fe3O4 Nanoparticles
CH Ho, CP Tsai, CC Chung, CY Tsai, FR Chen, HJ Lin, CH Lai
Chemistry of Materials 23 (7), 1753-1760, 2011
The characteristics, biodistribution, magnetic resonance imaging and biodegradability of superparamagnetic core–shell nanoparticles
PW Lee, SH Hsu, JJ Wang, JS Tsai, KJ Lin, SP Wey, FR Chen, CH Lai, ...
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Single-domain multiferroic BiFeO3 films
CY Kuo, Z Hu, JC Yang, SC Liao, YL Huang, RK Vasudevan, MB Okatan, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-7, 2016
Manipulating exchange bias by spin–orbit torque
PH Lin, BY Yang, MH Tsai, PC Chen, KF Huang, HH Lin, CH Lai
Nature Materials 18 (4), 335-341, 2019
Method for making an ordered magnetic alloy
CH Lai, W Liang-Wei, YC Wu, S Wen-Chieh
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Co/Pt perpendicular antidot arrays with engineered feature size and magnetic properties fabricated on anodic aluminum oxide templates
MT Rahman, NN Shams, CH Lai, J Fidler, D Suess
Physical Review B 81 (1), 014418, 2010
Dynamic stress-induced low-temperature ordering of
CH Lai, CH Yang, CC Chiang, T Balaji, TK Tseng
Applied physics letters 85 (19), 4430-4432, 2004
Tuning magnetic anisotropy in (001) oriented L10 (Fe1−xCux)55Pt45 films
DA Gilbert, LW Wang, TJ Klemmer, JU Thiele, CH Lai, K Liu
Applied Physics Letters 102 (13), 132406, 2013
Misorientation control and functionality design of nanopillars in self-assembled Perovskite− Spinel heteroepitaxial nanostructures
SC Liao, PY Tsai, CW Liang, HJ Liu, JC Yang, SJ Lin, CH Lai, YH Chu
ACS nano 5 (5), 4118-4122, 2011
A promising sputtering route for one-step fabrication of chalcopyrite phase Cu (In, Ga) Se2 absorbers without extra Se supply
CH Chen, WC Shih, CY Chien, CH Hsu, YH Wu, CH Lai
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 103, 25-29, 2012
Low-temperature ordering of FePt by PtMn underlayer
CC Chiang, CH Lai, YC Wu
Applied physics letters 88 (15), 152508, 2006
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