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Zero-valent sulphur is a key intermediate in marine methane oxidation
J Milucka, TG Ferdelman, L Polerecky, D Franzke, G Wegener, M Schmid, ...
Nature 491 (7425), 541-546, 2012
Oxygen dynamics in permeable sediments with wave‐driven pore water exchange
E Precht, U Franke, L Polerecky, M Huettel
Limnology and Oceanography 49 (3), 693-705, 2004
Look@ NanoSIMS–a tool for the analysis of nanoSIMS data in environmental microbiology
L Polerecky, B Adam, J Milucka, N Musat, T Vagner, MMM Kuypers
Environmental microbiology 14 (4), 1009-1023, 2012
Mechanisms of damage to corals exposed to sedimentation
M Weber, D De Beer, C Lott, L Polerecky, K Kohls, RMM Abed, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (24), E1558-E1567, 2012
Microbial and chemical characterization of underwater fresh water springs in the Dead Sea
D Ionescu, C Siebert, L Polerecky, YY Munwes, C Lott, S Häusler, ...
PloS one 7 (6), e38319, 2012
Surficial and deep pore water circulation governs spatial and temporal scales of nutrient recycling in intertidal sand flat sediment
M Billerbeck, U Werner, L Polerecky, E Walpersdorf, D DeBeer, M Huettel
Marine Ecology Progress Series 326, 61-76, 2006
The discovery of stromatolites developing at 3570 m above sea level in a high-altitude volcanic lake Socompa, Argentinean Andes
ME Farías, N Rascovan, DM Toneatti, VH Albarracín, MR Flores, DG Poiré, ...
PloS one 8 (1), e53497, 2013
Functional and structural imaging of phototrophic microbial communities and symbioses
M Kühl, L Polerecky
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Cable bacteria control iron–phosphorus dynamics in sediments of a coastal hypoxic basin
F Sulu-Gambari, D Seitaj, FJR Meysman, R Schauer, L Polerecky, ...
Environmental science & technology 50 (3), 1227-1233, 2016
Bioturbation and bioirrigation extend the open exchange regions in permeable sediments
N Volkenborn, L Polerecky, SIC Hedtkamp, JEE van Beusekom, ...
Limnology and Oceanography 52 (5), 1898-1909, 2007
Oscillatory porewater bioadvection in marine sediments induced by hydraulic activities of Arenicola marina
N Volkenborn, L Polerecky, DS Wethey, SA Woodin
Limnology and oceanography 55 (3), 1231-1247, 2010
A single-cell sequencing approach to the classification of large, vacuolated sulfur bacteria
V Salman, R Amann, AC Girnth, L Polerecky, JV Bailey, S Høgslund, ...
Systematic and Applied Microbiology 34 (4), 243-259, 2011
Theory of the radiation of dipoles placed within a multilayer system
L Polerecký, J Hamrle, BD MacCraith
Applied Optics 39 (22), 3968-3977, 2000
Time-resolved pH/pO2 mapping with luminescent hybrid sensors
CR Schröder, L Polerecky, I Klimant
Analytical chemistry 79 (1), 60-70, 2007
Microbial carbon metabolism associated with electrogenic sulphur oxidation in coastal sediments
D Vasquez-Cardenas, J Van De Vossenberg, L Polerecky, SY Malkin, ...
The ISME journal 9 (9), 1966-1978, 2015
Intermittent bioirrigation and oxygen dynamics in permeable sediments: An experimental and modeling study of three tellinid bivalves
N Volkenborn, C Meile, L Polerecky, CA Pilditch, A Norkko, J Norkko, ...
Journal of Marine Research 70 (6), 794-823, 2012
Mechanisms of transient nitric oxide and nitrous oxide production in a complex biofilm
F Schreiber, B Loeffler, L Polerecky, MMM Kuypers, D De Beer
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High spatial resolution measurement of oxygen consumption rates in permeable sediments
L Polerecky, U Franke, U Werner, B Grunwald, D de Beer
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In situ oxygen dynamics in coral-algal interactions
D Wangpraseurt, M Weber, H Røy, L Polerecky, D De Beer, MM Nugues
PloS one 7 (2), e31192, 2012
Wave tank study of particulate organic matter degradation in permeable sediments
U Franke, L Polerecky, E Precht, M Huettel
Limnology and Oceanography 51 (2), 1084-1096, 2006
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