Walid Malaeb
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Octet-line node structure of superconducting order parameter in KFe2As2
K Okazaki, Y Ota, Y Kotani, W Malaeb, Y Ishida, T Shimojima, T Kiss, ...
Science 337 (6100), 1314-1317, 2012
Strongly spin-orbit coupled two-dimensional electron gas emerging near the surface of polar semiconductors
M Sakano, MS Bahramy, A Katayama, T Shimojima, H Murakawa, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1212.1552, 2012
Quadratic Fermi node in a 3D strongly correlated semimetal
T Kondo, M Nakayama, R Chen, JJ Ishikawa, EG Moon, T Yamamoto, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 10042, 2015
Spin texture in type-II Weyl semimetal
B Feng, YH Chan, Y Feng, RY Liu, MY Chou, K Kuroda, K Yaji, ...
Physical Review B 94 (19), 195134, 2016
Pseudogap formation above the superconducting dome in iron pnictides
T Shimojima, T Sonobe, W Malaeb, K Shinada, A Chainani, S Shin, ...
Physical Review B 89 (4), 045101, 2014
Point nodes persisting far beyond Tc in Bi2212
T Kondo, W Malaeb, Y Ishida, T Sasagawa, H Sakamoto, T Takeuchi, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 7699, 2015
Electronic Structure and Electron Correlation in LaFeAsO1-xFx and LaFePO1-xFx
W Malaeb, T Yoshida, T Kataoka, A Fujimori, M Kubota, K Ono, H Usui, ...
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 77 (9), 093714, 2008
Three-dimensional electronic structure of superconducting iron pnictides observed by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
W Malaeb, T Yoshida, A Fujimori, M Kubota, K Ono, K Kihou, PM Shirage, ...
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 78 (12), 123706-123706, 2009
Slater to Mott Crossover in the Metal to Insulator Transition of
M Nakayama, T Kondo, Z Tian, JJ Ishikawa, M Halim, C Bareille, ...
Physical review letters 117 (5), 056403, 2016
Anomalous dressing of Dirac fermions in the topological surface state of Bi2Se3, Bi2Te3, and CuxBi2Se3
T Kondo, Y Nakashima, Y Ota, Y Ishida, W Malaeb, K Okazaki, S Shin, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1301.0972, 2013
Abrupt change in the energy gap of superconducting Ba 1− x K x Fe 2 As 2 single crystals with hole doping
W Malaeb, T Shimojima, Y Ishida, K Okazaki, Y Ota, K Ohgushi, K Kihou, ...
Physical Review B 86 (16), 165117, 2012
Evidence for excluding the possibility of d-wave superconducting-gap symmetry in Ba-doped KFe 2 As 2
Y Ota, K Okazaki, Y Kotani, T Shimojima, W Malaeb, S Watanabe, ...
Physical Review B 89 (8), 081103, 2014
Common Origin of the Circular-Dichroism Pattern in Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy of and
Y Ishida, H Kanto, A Kikkawa, Y Taguchi, Y Ito, Y Ota, K Okazaki, ...
Physical Review Letters 107 (7), 077601, 2011
Anisotropy of the superconducting gap in the iron-based superconductor BaFe2(As1-xPx)2
T Yoshida, S Ideta, T Shimojima, W Malaeb, K Shinada, H Suzuki, I Nishi, ...
Scientific reports 4 (1), 7292, 2014
Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy study of PrFeAsO 0. 7: Comparison with LaFePO
I Nishi, M Ishikado, S Ideta, W Malaeb, T Yoshida, A Fujimori, Y Kotani, ...
Physical Review B 84 (1), 014504, 2011
Anomalous doping variation of the nodal low-energy feature of superconducting (Bi, Pb) 2 (Sr, La) 2 CuO 6+ δ crystals revealed by laser-based angle-resolved photoemission …
T Kondo, Y Nakashima, W Malaeb, Y Ishida, Y Hamaya, T Takeuchi, ...
Physical review letters 110 (21), 217006, 2013
Antiferroic electronic structure in the nonmagnetic superconducting state of the iron-based superconductors
T Shimojima, W Malaeb, A Nakamura, T Kondo, K Kihou, CH Lee, A Iyo, ...
Science advances 3 (8), e1700466, 2017
Coexistence of a pseudogap and a superconducting gap for the high− T c superconductor La 2− x Sr x CuO 4 studied by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
T Yoshida, W Malaeb, S Ideta, DH Lu, RG Moor, ZX Shen, M Okawa, ...
Physical Review B 93 (1), 014513, 2016
Observation of two fine structures related to the hidden order in the spectral functions of URu 2 Si 2
R Yoshida, M Fukui, Y Haga, E Yamamoto, Y Onuki, M Okawa, W Malaeb, ...
Physical Review B 85 (24), 241102, 2012
Mechanical properties of the (BaSnO3) x/Cu0. 5Tl0. 5Ba2Ca2Cu3O10− δ superconductor phase
A Srour, W Malaeb, M Rekaby, R Awad
Physica Scripta 92 (10), 104002, 2017
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