Anna Chmiel
Anna Chmiel
Faculty of Physics, WUT
Zweryfikowany adres z if.pw.edu.pl
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Collective emotions online and their influence on community life
A Chmiel, J Sienkiewicz, M Thelwall, G Paltoglou, K Buckley, A Kappas, ...
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Negative emotions boost user activity at BBC forum
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Spreading of diseases through comorbidity networks across life and gender
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Quantification of diabetes comorbidity risks across life using nation-wide big claims data
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Scaling of human behavior during portal browsing
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Phase transitions in the q-voter model with noise on a duplex clique
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Networks of companies and branches in Poland
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JA Holyst
Springer, 2016
Emotional agents at the square lattice
A Czaplicka, AM Chmiel, JA Holyst
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A Veritable Zoology of Successive Phase Transitions in the Asymmetric q-Voter Model on Multiplex Networks
A Chmiel, J Sienkiewicz, A Fronczak, P Fronczak
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Flow of emotional messages in artificial social networks
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Temporal Taylor’s scaling of facial electromyography and electrodermal activity in the course of emotional stimulation
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-Neighbor Ising model on random networks
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Collective emotions online
A Chmiel, J Sienkiewicz, G Paltoglou, K Buckley, M Skowron, M Thelwall, ...
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Transition due to preferential cluster growth of collective emotions in online communities
A Chmiel, JA Hołyst
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CYBEREMOTIONS–collective emotions in cyberspace
J Ahn, A Borowiec, K Buckley, D Cai, A Chmiel, A Czaplicka, G Dąbrowski, ...
Procedia Computer Science 7, 221-222, 2011
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