Stefano Giovanazzi
Stefano Giovanazzi
Freelancer, Kirchhoff-Institute of Physics, Universität Heidelberg
Zweryfikowany adres z kip.uni-heidelberg.de
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Quantum coherent atomic tunneling between two trapped Bose-Einstein condensates
A Smerzi, S Fantoni, S Giovanazzi, SR Shenoy
Physical Review Letters 79 (25), 4950, 1997
Squeezing and entanglement in a Bose–Einstein condensate
J Esteve, C Gross, A Weller, S Giovanazzi, MK Oberthaler
Nature 455 (7217), 1216-1219, 2008
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J Stuhler, A Griesmaier, T Koch, M Fattori, T Pfau, S Giovanazzi, P Pedri, ...
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DHJ O’Dell, S Giovanazzi, C Eberlein
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S Giovanazzi, A Smerzi, S Fantoni
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A Griesmaier, J Stuhler, T Koch, M Fattori, T Pfau, S Giovanazzi
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Hawking radiation in sonic black holes
S Giovanazzi
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Dipolar relaxation in an ultra-cold gas of magnetically trapped chromium atoms
S Hensler, J Werner, A Griesmaier, PO Schmidt, A Görlitz, T Pfau, ...
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S Giovanazzi, DHJ O’Dell
The European Physical Journal D-Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma …, 2004
Conditions for one-dimensional supersonic flow of quantum gases
S Giovanazzi, C Farrell, T Kiss, U Leonhardt
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Ballistic expansion of a dipolar condensate
S Giovanazzi, A Görlitz, T Pfau
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Dispersion law of edge waves in the quantum Hall effect
S Giovanazzi, L Pitaevskii, S Stringari
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Self-binding transition in Bose condensates with laser-induced “gravitation”
S Giovanazzi, D O’Dell, G Kurizki
Physical Review A 63 (3), 031603, 2001
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